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Free Robot Fighting Game for Windows

Battlecore Robots is a free robot fighting game for Windows by developer YellowFall Games. In this game, robots are pitted against each other in a fighting arena, much like the action in League of Legends or Among Us Arena.

However, unlike several of these titles, the action in Battlecore Robots is not performed by teams with several members. Just two robots meet in the arena, and the last one standing is the winner. While the idea isn’t new, this title has some interesting premises, such as highly-customisable robots and many abilities. There’s also couch co-op support and other features to make matches even more exciting.

Japanese Neon

Visuals in Battlecore Robots don’t really break any new ground, but they distil personality. The robots look original enough, with a strange mix of old-school anime with neon everywhere. 


The robots all come with flashy colours like bubblegum pink or fluorescent green. In fact, they look like toys that would glow in the dark. The arena joins this art style, but it’s surprisingly dark.

A charming artistic touch is that everything looks drawn with a liner, from the robots to the attacks. You can see the outlines of everything, which makes it easier to play. 

A lot of invention

Battlecore Robots doesn’t have a deep story or underlying theme; it’s just robo-fighting. With that in mind, the game needs features to make it worthwhile. Luckily, it delivers. 

There are hundreds of different customisation options for your robots, and they’re critical to victory. This is because a particular customisation might give you the edge against a specific opponent, but could be useless for another one.

Weapons are also varied and a lot of fun, from bombs dropping down, to laser-like whips, homing insect-like creatures and other creative stuff. 

Not just another mech arena game

Battlecore Robots might look a bit simplistic or under-featured compared to other games in the genre, especially triple AAA titles. However, dismissing it would be a mistake if you’re into this game style. 

The huge number of customisation options, and the fact they have an impact when playing, makes it a different experience than most games. Aside from this, it’s a great game for quick sessions with friends, which doesn’t require much time to understand and get right into the action. Furthermore, it’s still under development, so further updates will probably add more features and assets. As it is, it’s definitely a title worth checking out.



Battlecore Robots alpha_demo for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 11
Latest update:
Thursday, December 15th 2022
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YellowFall Games(Free)

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