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The premise of the game focuses on a love-sick school girl who has an obsessive crush on a boy at her school. She will fight off ten rivals for the boy’s attention and do whatever it takes to make sure she defeats them while appearing to be an innocent schoolgirl.


A story of obsession

Yandere is a Japanese term for a female who is loving and caring at the beginning of a relationship, but whose behaviour descends into darkness. She becomes obsessive, overprotective, violent, and mentally unhinged.

The main character Yandere-chan, must appear normal and avoid being caught performing criminal activities. She must maintain her reputation, keep the trust of the teachers and other students, and avoid appearing suspicious to her love interest Senpai.

Stealthily sabotage other students

Yandere-chan is ready to use any means necessary to destroy her rivals. She’s willing to gossip, lie, betray, kidnap, frame, or torture them to keep them away from her man.

Other more permanent methods of removal include poisoning, drowning, electrocution, and inciting suicide. She employs weapons such as a kitchen knife, a circular saw, a baseball bat, and a Samurai sword.

A crush gone wrong

We all remember the school-age crush we once had and intense feelings for our object of affection. You can relive those days and indulge fantasies of destroying your rivals in the most creative and brutal ways. Also for a game that is 3.16 MB, it’s rich with content and detail.

Yandere Simulator 1.0 for Android
  • Android 4.3
Date added:
Tuesday, October 15th 2019
Yandere Simulator


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