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Keyboard shortcut directory

CheatSheet for Mac provides you a directory of hotkeys for Mac OS X devices. Hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are a set of keys that you press together to prompt a software program to complete an action. Mac keyboard shortcuts are ingrained into its operating system, but you can also add your own to fit your needs. This is beneficial to Apple laptop users who want to prevent the wear and tear of their trackpad. It can also be more ergonomic for users that want to perform more functions on their keyboard than go back and forth with their mouse. 



CheatSheet by Media Atelier provides a list of shortcuts for any Mac application with a press of a button. For example, Adobe Photoshop can Add or Subtract elements with the Shift and Option keys respectively. Shortcuts such as these are typically found in the program’s menu bar. Rather than click the individual menus, pressing down the Command key will prompt CheatSheet to show you all the possible shortcuts of a program currently running on your PC.

Whether you’re using hotkeys on your word processing program, design software, or other productivity application, it can increase your overall efficiency. This is because you will not need to move back and from your keyboard to your mouse all the time. In addition, it can extend the lifespan of your mouse or trackpad as it is being used less frequently. 


The CheatSheet program comes in a ZIP file so it’s important to know if your computer is capable of extracting files. Once you’ve addressed that, download CheatSheet and proceed with the extraction. You will then need to drag the extracted program to your Application folder so it will run. On its first launch, you will be instructed to hold down the Command key. This will prompt your Mac to display an Open Now button so you can change the program’s Security and Privacy settings. 

The settings can also be changed by heading straight to the System Preferences section in your Mac. All that is needed is to tick the CheatSheet box so your Mac gives it access to all programs. The tick box should appear blue with a checkmark on it. This lets you know that the settings have been successfully changed. Another indication that CheatSheet is running is when you click on the Command key, and the list of shortcuts appears on your screen. 

Practical productivity tool

CheatSheet by Media Atelier is a suitable program for writers, artists, and administrators that use certain programs for extended periods of time. Note that this program functions as a reference or catalog of keyboard shortcuts. Once you’ve seen the hotkey that corresponds to your action, you will need to click the Command key again to minimize the program. 

Only then can you perform the shortcut. This is still a faster way to see all the possible commands as compared to viewing it on separate menus. Over time, you will be able to memorize certain shortcuts but it can still offer useful commands that you do not regularly use. 

CheatSheet 1.2 for Mac
  • Mac OS X
Date added:
Monday, May 11th 2020
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