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History simulation game

Worlds - History Simulator is a world simulation that lets you see how our planet would develop in a different set of environmental factors. You can recreate human history in an alternate setting and see civilizations grow and adapt.

Highly detailed

This free game is packed with features related to your world, with deserts, rivers, rainfall patterns, and temperatures assigned to specific climate areas. You can change any of these elements globally or use a brush to tweak attributes on individual parts of the planet.

You can access several map modes, which show you how groups of people differ in various aspects. The game also supports modding, letting people customise biomes, region elements, and discoveries.



The gameplay takes a watch-what-happens approach to the story. Once you set the stage and throw humans into the mix, you can’t do much with the story but see it unfold. If you’re looking for detailed, hands-on civilisation games, try Crusader Kings 2 or Europa Universalis IV instead.

Still, world generation is easy to navigate and gives you a lot of control, somewhat justifying the lack of action later in the game. You’ll see all changes update the map in real-time as you change the environment from the menu on the bottom of your screen.

Humanity emerges on the map and starts spreading from there, adapting to the environment you created. They will build cities, form groups, and develop cultures.

User interface

The UI layout gives you a birds-eye view of the world and all its developments. The graphics are 2D-based and semi-realistic, resembling an advanced version of simplistic Dwarf Fortress maps.

As you play, you’ll see different coloured fields and lines showing the growth and movement of emerging tribes. You can also access a 3D visualisation of the map together with a day-night cycle at any time.

The ultimate power fantasy

While the gameplay leaves some elements to be desired, the overall feeling of this game is God-like. Watching continents, seas, and populations alter to your whim gives Worlds an atmosphere that even the most detailed civilisation games can’t match.



Worlds - History Simulator for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1,
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  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Friday, August 28th 2020

Worlds - History Simulator for PC


User rating8


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