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# New features:
* Configuration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been simplified. Now only frequently used application settings are available for setup.
* The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: protection components (such as Kaspersky URL Advisor) support Mozilla™ Firefox™ 16.x, 17.x, 18.x, and 19.x; Internet Explorer® 8, 9, and 10; and Google Chrome™ 22.x, 23.x, 24.x, 25.x, and 26.x.
* Protection against screen lockers has been added. You can unlock the screen using the specified key shortcut. Protection against screen lockers detects and eliminates the threat.
* Protection against phishing is now more efficient: Anti-Phishing functionality has been improved and updated.
* Application performance has been improved and computer resource consumption has been optimized.
* The mode of limited activity when the computer is idle has been added. Now, when the computer is idle,Kaspersky Anti-Virus is less resource-intensive, which allows saving power consumption while running on battery power.
* Less time is required to start the application.
* Application GUI performance has been improved, and the response time to user actions has been reduced.
* Application reporting has been improved. Now reports are simpler and more obvious.
* The option of participating in the Protect a Friend program has been added. Now you can share a link to Kaspersky Anti-Virus with friends and receive bonus activation codes.