SuperSaaS can take care of appointment scheduling for every situation. The creators of this online appointment booking systems say it does so in an easy, flexible and affordable manner.

With this application you can have online reservation scheduling right at your fingertips. Also by creating your own booking system you will be able to ramp up efficiency and organisation.

What are the key features?
Essentially SuperSaaS is a scalable and customisable appointment scheduling application. It is available in 34 languages with automatic time-zone adjustment, and can also integrate with other apps. SuperSaaS’s ability to send automated SMS/email reminders to clients, as well as taking payments, also means that it can effortlessly take away your responsibility of carrying out routine but important tasks.

User-friendly interface
The process of using SuperSaas is relatively simple. As soon as you sign up you will be able to build a schedule by picking options from a menu, you will receive a link right away to try out your working schedule. People can start using it after you place a link on your website or Facebook page. Remember, this is entirely web based, so there’s no need to install anything.

Who does this application suit the most?
SuperSaaS also works with any type of business and any kind of scheduling. This includes One on One Scheduling, such as personal trainers and therapists, and Group Scheduling like tour operators and events.

The Reservations and Rentals feature suits conference and meeting rooms, venue/equipment rentals and resource scheduling etc. Moreover, Service Appointment Booking System features can suit medical professionals, driving instructors and beauty salon owners.

SuperSaaS offers 10 paid plains to choose from from A-J, with each plan offering a larger number of maximum upcoming and past reservations and appointments, to suit your business size. Prices range from £5 per month for package A, to £95 per month for package J. SuperSaaS also offers a free version that is not time-limited, but displays advertising and has some usage limitations.

Bottom Line
Overall, SuperSaaS is able to revolutionise your organisation and breed productivity thanks to its array of handy and practical features.

A wealth of diverse busineses have profited from this online booking system and to date just under 90 million worldwide appointments have been booked through it.

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