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Cloud-based file-sharing tool

BayJDO is a completely free file-sharing and peer-to-peer web application developed by Indian innovator, Ashwin Shenoy. Like its strong and popular competitors ShareDrop and Blaze, this cloud-based app enables you to shares files across various devices without requiring you to download or install an app or even create a dedicated hotspot. All you need to have is a modern web browser and a network that will connect them and the sharing of data can be done immediately.


Transfer data safely and conveniently 

You can assure that sharing of files through this website can be performed at the speed of light as its transfer rate doesn’t depend on the stability of your internet connection as it only relies on a local network like WiFi Hotspot. In order to establish a peer-to-peer connection, a WebRTC signaling server or also known as PeerJS will be used. However, bear in mind, that this server is not in any way involved in the data transfer process. 

With this sharing web tool, you can guarantee the safety of your files as its transmission is encrypted by WebRTC standards which means no one except the two devices would be able to read them. Not even a single file can ever be sent to any server and all the data are always transferred directly (P2P) from one device to another through an encrypted WebRTC or WS channel. Moreover, it also doesn’t store any of your personal data thus, your privacy is also highly protected here. 

Before proceeding in transferring files, you must check if your browser supports WebRTC. Oft-times, all if not most of the popular and advanced web browsers do support that particular server. The first step to successfully share data is to ensure that both gadgets—device that will receive and device that will send—are in the same network. Then, you will open the Bayjdo website in all devices and you can choose either of these gadgets to enter the code of the other. You can also opt to use an in-built QR-Scanner and scan the QR instead. Any method you prefer to perform will do as afterward, you will select the files you need to send and wait not too long to complete your transfer.   

Effective experimental file-sharing web-app

Considering that the developer of BayJDO only launched this as an experimental web application, it’s amazing how it does its job perfectly. From the transfer speed rate to its useful features, everything is noteworthy to be applauded. It truly brings convenience and makes a remarkable difference in the file-sharing industry.           

BayJDO 1.0 for Web Apps
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Friday, July 17th 2020

We don't have any change log information yet for version 1.0 of BayJDO. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

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