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JoomlaLMS is a highly functional learning management service, which runs on the popular Joomla! CMS open source platform. The service has been designed for professional individuals, educators, and organizations that are looking to provide their employees and customers with an effective e-learning portal, which does not have a large initial investment.

As JoomlaLMS is a platform created with Open Source Joomla! CMS as its foundation, JoomlaLMS comes with a variety of features that will be familiar to some. It provides organizations and professionals with a scalable eLearning platform for professional training and development. Not only that, but JoomlaLMS can be utilized to create and deliver instructional materials for monetization.

Real-Time User Role Management
Joomla LMS allows you to assign and modify user roles easily, in order to grant independency to user groups working within one LMS, and manage course registration etc.

JoomlaLMS reporting features can assist in locating the answers to queries, and clarify gaps in students' skills and knowledge. You can also gain in-depth analysis into an organization's compliance level, and learners’ performance.

Build tailor-made courses
A key feature of JoomlaLMS is the ability to create and manage courses, as you see fit. It comes with an embedded course builder that walks you through, step by step, with no need to enter the Admin panel, whilst adhering to a set of patterns, so you don’t have to adjust any modules.

With JoomlaLMS you have complete control over your material. You can set availability periods, control level access, and configure fee types, and issue certificates! The course builder allows you to upload audio, video, text, HTML, and links. You can also add SCORM packages and create custom learning paths as well.

JoomlaLMS uses a one-time payment pricing model, with a free trial available. JoomlaLMS is available in two versions; Standard and Professional. The Standard plan starts at $299 and comes with Mobile compatibility, an embedded course builder,GoToMeeting integration, free support, free software updates, and some customization options.

JoomlaLMS Professional plan starts at $799. For this price you receive all the Standard plan features, along with advanced reporting feature (global, Documents: folders permission feature, LMS custom user roles and permissions, FrontEnd user management (incl. ‘Organizations’ feature), Global Question Pool feature, Recurrent payments (PayPal Standard only), and JoomlaLMS installation if required.

Bottom Line
JoomlaLMS provides a feature rich environment to increase learning opportunities. It is compatible with multiple languages, and supports mobile devices. The interface is modern, uncluttered and easy to navigate, and can be utilized by users of all levels of expertise.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000

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