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Par NetSuite Inc.  (Gratuitement)
Note des utilisateurs

NetSuite is a leading cloud business management software platform. It has been designed specifically for the needs of high-growth and mid-sized businesses. It provides a single, complete web-based system to all core business processes, including a comprehensive ERP, with solid CRM and e-commerce functionalities.

With NetSuite, your business operations can be automated and your processes streamlined. It has a rich, dynamic HTML interface, which gives you unparalleled interactivity in areas such as editing field values within lists on the fly, pulling up context menus, and changing dashboard layouts by dragging and dropping modules.

NetSuite isn't just a CRM system. It's a complete set of web-based tools that are designed to handle all of your company’s financial needs: from building an e-commerce site, where customers can place orders; to handling back-office ERP tasks such as payroll processing.

At the core of NetSuite's CRM capabilities are the usual SFA functions for tracking leads, prospects, and customers. But one really great feature of NetSuite is the fact it can integrate information from sources that other CRM systems can't. This is really useful because NetSuite allows you to build an e-commerce site around your product catalog, take orders online, and then follow up on fulfilment progress via integration with UPS.

Modular System
NetSuite is a complete solution that integrates across all your key areas: finance, sales, service and fulfilment. As NetSuite is a modular system, you have the freedom to begin with either the NetSuite Financials or NetSuite CRM modules and then add other core functionalities as you need them.

NetSuite OpenAir
NetSuite OpenAir provides you with clear visibility and control for your project-based business. It is a seamless web-based application that handles all aspects of your project, including resource management, project management, project accounting, timesheet and expense management. NetSuite OpenAir is a cool module to add to your core as it improves resource utilization, and streamlines invoicing and billing services.

NetSuite for iPhone
NetSuite for iPhone is a key feature for salespeople, service reps and managers. It provides full access to NetSuite's integrated business management software suite, including real-time dashboards and report snapshots, customer, sales and financial data, and calendar management.

Additionally, NetSuite also provides complete support for Safari with SuitePhone. SuitePhone is able to extend an iPhone user's mobile productivity by giving them a functional equivalent experience. By utilizing SuitePhone, users can perform any task in NetSuite, such as checking forecasts, managing leads, generating quotes and orders, or creating expense reports. NetSuite for iPhone and SuitePhone works with most iOS devices, including older models, and requires iPhone OS 3.0.

NetSuite uses a subscription pricing model that starts from $499.00/month.

Bottom Line
NetSuite is a comprehensive and powerful platform that provides great integration and a dynamic HTML interface. It really does cover all the bases: from its feature rich, web based accounting tools, with extensive reporting capabilities; through to its inventory and e-commerce suite. It has everything that you will need. So, if you are looking for a single, complete, fully integrated solution, then NetSuite may be just what you are looking for.