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Desktop wallpaper system

Lively Wallpaper by Dani John is a free, open-source project that brings life to your desktop. This personalisation software lets you turn videos, gifs, or even webpages into animated wallpaper.



Desktop backgrounds aren't that important for most people. However, sometimes you want to make your screen pop, and this app helps you do that with its real-time and customisable wallpaper options.

Comprehensive options

This tool supports multiple monitors, bringing life to your entire setup. You can stretch one background across all screens, or set the same or a different image on each one.

You can access the built-in library of background images or turn your preferred content source into a wallpaper. The program can play MOV, AVI, MKV, WEBM, and MP4 files, load HTML and javascript as images, or even place a YouTube video on your screen.

Selecting a setup is straightforward, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of this tool. If you want to set games or apps as wallpaper, then you can do that too. All you need to do is drag the source to the app window, and it will turn into a dynamic background image.


You can use this program on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Unfortunately, there's no compatibility with Linux and Mac devices. If you're looking for powerful personalisation apps for these systems, then you could try Komorebi and Wallpaper Wizard, respectively.


This app uses a reasonable amount of resources while running. If you're using another program, then you can pause it or otherwise change the playback rules to accommodate your PC's capabilities.

You'll find the playback controls based on the apps running in the foreground in the Settings tab. When you run fullscreen for a program, the background will pause automatically, using 0% of your CPU and GPU.


While it could offer more in-app themes and tools, Lively Wallpaper is still a powerful utility for desktop personalisation. Once you’re bored with your static background, this app will do wonders. Furthermore, the new version, which is still in development, should fix the existing performance issues.

Lively Wallpaper for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10
Date added:
Thursday, August 20th 2020
Dani John


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