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Procore is a collaborative, all-in-one platform for construction management. By streamlining project documentation and communication, Procore can boost project accountability and efficiency. The service is cloud-based, and gives users the ability to manage projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Procore gives users a way to collaborate together on various projects and view related documentation, including submittals, contracts, schedules, plans and drawings. Everyone involved in the project, from architects and engineers through to construction management firms, are able to edit and share project data from the job site, whilst owners may view the progress of each project in their portfolios.

Procore provides access to unlimited users at no extra cost. Therefore a firm may bring an entire project team on board to work on a specific job. This includes third-party consultants and subcontractors.

Usefully, as well as a sturdy cloud platform, Procore has apps available for both Android and iOS. These high quality, solid applications deliver information rapidly, thereby ensuring various team members stay updated on current plans.

Open Platform
A really great feature about Procore is the open API. This enables integration with other systems, including reporting software, storage software, scheduling software, and accounting software.

Procore operates a SaaS model, thereby allowing contractors and project managers to purchase the software on a subscription basis. The software is sold under annual access agreements for unlimited users and data. For a demonstration of the software and a quote, please contact Procore.

Bottom Line
Overall, Procore excels in project management. Team members can collaborate in real time, sharing ideas, and documentation to achieve common goals as efficiently as possible. It boasts a highly-integrated system between RFIs, contract and change management, budgeting and scheduling, and timecards and reports. With Procore, architects area able to view, mark up and manage drawings throughout their entire lifecycle, from conception to finalisation.