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下载 DVDStyler 3.0.4 Burning Software for PC Windows

DVDStyler 3.0.4

Alex Thüring  (开放源代码)

DVDStyler is a free, Open Source DVD authoring app for creating pro DVD media. With it, you can burn video files onto DVD optical media, which can then be played on practically any standalone DVD player. The app also lets you create individually designed DVD menus.

Key Features Include:

  • Create and burn DVD video with interactive menus.
  • Design your own DVD menu or select one from the list of ready to use menu templates.
  • Create photo slideshow.
  • Add multiple subtitle and audio tracks.
  • Support of AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV and other file formats.
  • Support of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP2, MP3, AC-3 etc.
  • Multi-core processor support.
  • MPEG and VOB file support without re-encoding
  • Support for numerous formats on one DVD.

DVDStyler gives you upwards of 20 DVD menu templates to choose from, allowing you to create your own menu designs and photo slideshows. Once you’ve selected your DVD label name, video quality and format, aspect ratio, and audio format, you next pick out a template to add video materials to.

DVDStyler has a user-friendly interface that supports drag & drop, so you can add project buttons and media etc. easily with no fuss. Once all is in place you can perform basic video editing techniques, such as trimming and cropping to finish your DVD.

Overall, DVDStyler is a great app with an easy to grasp UI. It's relatively lightweight and doesn't hammer your system's resources too much during processing. If you need to copy video media to a DVD and don't need exotic effects etc, then DVDStyler will do the trick.

标题: DVDStyler 3.0.4 Burning Software for PC Windows
文件名: DVDStyler-3.0.4-win32.exe
文件大小: 37.99MB (39,833,585 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 开放源代码
加入日期: 十一月 27,2017
作者: Alex Thüring
MD5 校验和: B4391A0136C795D0897C1BFC114FDB12

Fixed handling of files with multiple video streams (pictures, video thumbnails or cover arts).
Added possibility to play video from internal file browser.
Win32/Win64: updated Manolito's VBR plug-in.