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Bidding fee auction marketplace


The DealDash platform offers customers the opportunity for bidders to win auctions for all sorts of products. It’s a twist on the traditional e-commerce model. Its penny auction format provides low starting prices, but bidding can get costly quickly.

Gamified e-commerce bidding

The platform features a uniquely gamified approach to product auctions. You can purchase “bid packs” and receive “bid credits” for a fraction of a dollar each. Every time you bid on an item, the price goes up 1 cent, and 1 bid credit is spent.

This means you can sometimes spend significant amounts of money bidding on products without winning any auction. In return, the platform offers many enticing items, with auctions starting at $0.00. Many of these are sold for pennies on the dollar, akin to QuiBids.

Bare-bones interface

DealDash features a rather intuitive user interface without much in the way of distractions. You'll find product listings below the central banner, with a navigational menu at the top.

The menu features a Help section, an explanation of the platform, and tips to win auctions. You can also browse past winners and see the kind of deals they got. Each listing features a 10-second timer, which is reset every time users bid.

Helpful bid assistant

The platform provides you with an optional bid assistant interface called BidBuddy. It automatically bids on items when the time is running out. You can configure the number of bids to spend in advance and let BidBuddy do the heavy lifting.

Bid buybacks

Spending hundreds of bids and losing an auction anyway can be costly. DealDash lets you offset this cost by purchasing listed items outright, which gives you back every bid you spent. However, prices tend to be rather expensive compared to other online marketplaces.

Low-stake, competitive bargain-hunting

DealDash offers exciting auctions and bargain prices, but you might need to spend a lot of money to win. There are no guarantees that your bids will go anywhere, and purchase prices are high. It’s less of a low-cost eBay and more of an online lottery.

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Thursday, August 6th 2020

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