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61. Vuze

Azureus - 47.60MB (Freeware)
Earlier known as Azureus, Vuze is a BitTorrent client that has everything that you might need. You would be able to locate and then download your favo...

62. Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover for Mac 3.6.0

CISDEM - 2.88MB (Commercial Trial)
Access to password-protected PDF files can be a huge challenge for many people, especially if the PDF file is locked from printing, copying or edit...

63. Panda Antivirus for Mac 10.9.14 Build 858

Panda Security - 20.58MB (Commercial Trial)
Panda Antivirus for Mac protects your Mac from the latest malware threats in real time. When the app detects an infection, the file is then sent t...

64. Xcode 8.2

Apple Inc - 76KB (Freeware)
Xcode is a great addition for those who are looking for a reliable tool for creating applications for Mac OS as well as the iOS for iPhones and iPad. ...

65. Google Earth

Google - 84.96MB (Freeware)
Google Earth has literally changed the way we look at our own planet. Fly pretty much anywhere you can think of to view satellite imagery, maps, terra...

66. Safari 10.0.1 (El Capitan)

Apple Inc - 67.19MB (Freeware)
Apple's clean and easy to use web browser. Safari is slimline - without lots of annoying toolbars. Subsequently the browsing experience is smooth and ...

67. Elmedia Player 6.5.876

Eltima Software - 40.48MB (Freeware)
Elmedia Player is an easy to use, multifunctional media player for Mac OS X that can play various formats. The library format is similar to iTunes, so...

68. TV-Browser for Mac 3.4.3

Martin Oberhauser - 8.29MB (Open Source)
TV-Browser for Mac is a java-based TV guide* that can be extended with an array of various plugins. You can also customize it with different icons and...

69. Text Wrangler 5.0.1

Bare Bones Software, Inc. - 9.53MB (Freeware)
TextWrangler makes text editing simple and intuitive, giving notepad applications a run for their money. Mac OS X users enjoy syntax colouring, saving...

70. Wondershare Video Editor For Mac 6.0.0

Wondershare Software - 84.47MB (Commercial Trial)
Wondershare Video Editor for Mac is a fresh, user-friendly home video editing app that features smart and intuitive editing tools, which allow you to ...
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