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Timesheet is a cloud based, automated project time tracking tool that can help reduce admin costs by automating tasks such as project time tracking, time and attendance for payroll, project costing, and client billing.

Timesheet provides visual workflows, which make setting up time tracking processes an easy affair. It provides simple, configurable tools that can report expenses, calculate job costs, and help set budgets. You can also set project notifications as well.

Real-Time Visibility
With Timesheet you are able to capture and categorize billable and non-billable time, and allocate hours at any level you choose, such as by project, client or task. As a project and department manager or a timesheet administrator, you can make use of really helpful functions in the timesheet manager console. For instance you can easily identify users who have not yet submitted their time sheets in real-time and you can review and approve time-sheets in no time at all.

Timesheet Automation
A really great feature of Timesheet is that it can be configured to support countless billing rules. Every timesheet follows a workflow process from submission to approval in order to make the process easy for managers and employees. You can even divide time by project so as to to make billing easier for the various projects you may have. This is useful if an employee works primarily on a single function, but it crosses numerous projects.

Via the Timesheet dashboard, managers and administrators can see all staff members on a single page. This is a neat, time saving feature as time sheet approval or rejection can be undertaken individually or as a group.

Timesheet is able to seamlessly integrate with popular CRM, accounting, content management, project management, ERP, and payroll solutions, including Sage, QuickBooks, Paychex,, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Timesheet provides personalized pricing for individual customers. There is a free trial available to determine whether it is the right solution for your business.

Bottom Line
Timesheet provides automated time tracking and billing functionality in the cloud. There are many useful features that help reduce your admin costs by automating all manner of processes, such as project costing, time and attendance for payroll, and client billing. It utilizes powerful visual workflows, which make it easy to setup any time tracking processes. It also has configurable expense reporting, and job costing and billing, thereby letting you set budgets, limits, and notifications at the project level. This gives you greater overall control of your business resources.

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