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Scarica YACReader 9.5.0

YACReader 9.5.0

Valutazione dell'utente

If you love comics then YACReader is right up your alley! It is a great app that lets you browse your comic collections using beautiful, customizable, smooth "comic flow" transitions.

Key Features include:

  • File Support: YACReader support a wide variety of comic files and image types. rar, zip, cbr, cbz, tar, pdf, 7z and cb7, jpeg, gif, png, tiff and bmp.
  • Configurable: Image rotation, double page mode, full size view, fullscreen mode, customizable background color, custom page fitting mode, bookmarks, resume reading, eye candy 'go to' and more.
  • Image Adjustments: Bring to live your old comics with the image adjustments available in the reading mode. Use the brightness, contrast and gamma sliders and enjoy the new vibrant colors.
  • Progress Tracking: YACReaderLibrary organizes your comics and keeps tracking of your reading progress and your collections' status.
  • Tags(Comic Vine): Download your comics' information from Comic Vine. Title, number, volume, authors and more.
  • Search: Find your comics quickly using the built-in search engine. No matter how big is your collection, YACReaderLibrary will find anything instantly.

Overall, YACReader is really useful to transform a tangible collection of comics to a virtual one. It is easy to use, relatively lightweight and it has a mobile app companion as well. If you want to read your collection on the fly, then YACReader is a good app to beautifully organize your comics.

Looking for the Mac version of YACReader? Download Here

Titolo: YACReader 9.5.0
Nome del file: YACReader-9.5.0-win32.exe
Dimensione del file: 31.90MB (33,451,398 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware
Data di inserimento: luglio 3, 2018
Autore: Luis Ángel San Martín Rodríguez
MD5 Checksum: B5C053FD48F1951295C1C24FDDA5298D

New server 2.0 (it needs YACReader for iOS 3.0 to take advance of the new features).
New current/next comic view in the grid view, available for folders and reading lists.
Comic in `Reading` are now sorted by last time opened.
New remote browser -
Completely new remote browser. Now the remote browser is full iOS native.
The importing list is available now in the remote browser.
New index navigation UI available through a button in the top navigation bar.
The remote browser supports now favorites, tags, and reading lists.
Option for importing only unread comics in a folder.
Option for importing items starting in a particular index.
Continue reading feature in remote browser, available in the home library view.
Current/Next comic view available in folders and reading lists.
Improved Sync back feature. Now comics imported through any method can be synchronized back to YACReaderLibrary. YACReaderLibrary will try to find the comics in any of the libraries available.
Local library:
Improved local library UI.
Continue reading feature is now available in the root folder (only table and grid modes).
Current/Next comic view available in table and grid mode.
UI update.