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Scarica Wise Disk Cleaner 9.63.686

Wise Disk Cleaner 9.63.686

Da Wise Cleaner  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

Wise Disk Cleaner helps you claw back misused space on your hard drive by easily removing all sorts of redundant junk files, quickly.

Wise Disk Cleaner has support for lots of different file formats and extensions, including temporary Internet files and installation logs, old files and index files as well. Wise Disk Cleaner can be configured to add a list of folders to be included in the cleanup. You can also filter out file types by adding them to the exclusion list.

By running a disk defragmentation program you can improve the performance of your PC. Hard disk drives become fragmented over time, and it is this disk fragmentation that makes your hard disks become slow and unresponsive, which, in turn, can slow down the performance of your PC. The ‘Disk Defrag’ feature of Wise Disk Cleaner is able to rearrange fragmented data on your drive, so that it can work more efficiently.

Overall, Wise Disk Cleaner has a customizable interface that is easy-to-use, although it is a little cluttered. The app has some basic and advanced tools to choose from, and it is able to search for and delete a wide range of temporary file types. It has some nice features such as scheduled cleaning and you can configure the app to auto-exit upon task completion. That being said, there are better alternatives available on the market such as Piriform's CCleaner

Titolo: Wise Disk Cleaner 9.63.686
Nome del file: WDCFree.exe
Dimensione del file: 3.52MB (3,688,136 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware
Data di inserimento: febbraio 7, 2018
Autore: Wise Cleaner
MD5 Checksum: FC84052098C46EB550ABAF9AF43C741E

Improved IE Cache cleaning.
Improved the usability of Disk Defrag.
Minor GUI improvements.

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