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Scarica Music Maker

Music Maker

Da MAGIX  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

Music Maker, by MAGIX, is a an easy to use, music production suite that provides you with a large array of loops, tracks, effects and tools in order to craft your own high quality beats.

The interface of Music Maker is both intuitive and powerful. You can drag and drop your selection of styled loops into the arrangement window with ease. Choose from various different styles, including funk, hip-hop, reggae and techno. Once you have chosen what you need, you can then play around with altering the pitch in the the loop library with the pitch changing buttons. Any loop in the library is able to be rearranged in to a different pitch. You can also use the same loops in different keys as well.

Tracks are auto created when you add loops into the arrangement window. An icon indicates the type of instrument that is being used. You can snap loops together and create an entire track with loops alone. If you overlap any loop, then they will be auto crossfaded into each other to produce a seamless mix.

Key Features include:

  • 425 sounds & loops.
  • 1 Soundpool.
  • 3 software instruments.
  • 8 tracks.
  • 8 effects.

Supported Audio File Formats:Import Export FLAC MIDI MP3 OGG Vorbis WAV WMA Note: Only non-copy-protected audio CDs can be imported. Supported Video File Formats:Import Export AVI MXV wmv.

Overall, Music Maker is an easy suite to learn quickly for most users. The loop library is adequate for creating simple tracks. The interface is easy to navigate and the sound production is crystal clear. If you are looking to step into the music creation arena, you can't go far wrong with MAGIX's offering.

Min system requirements: WIN10, WIN7, WIN8. Processor: 2 GHz RAM: 2 GB graphics card, min. resolution 1280 x 768 onboard sound card, hard drive space: 700 MB.

Titolo: Music Maker
Nome del file: musicmaker--phW7duk4NmcmQ2R57f.exe
Dimensione del file: 4.55MB (4,769,840 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware
Data di inserimento: aprile 7, 2017
Autore: MAGIX
MD5 Checksum: 424B70F10591DDA06D4B205AD12BD658

Full working version.
Free to use.
Free to new and current customers.
Music Maker In-App Store for new sounds, instruments and effects.
1 Soundpool Concert Grand.
LE Vita 2 with Free Drum Kit & Percussion.
Revolta 2 with 16 free presets.