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Scarica GoodSync for Mac 10.9.4

GoodSync for Mac 10.9.4

Da Siber Systems Inc  (Trial commerciale)
Valutazione dell'utente

GoodSync for Mac is an easy, secure, and reliable way to automatically synchronize and back up your photos, MP3s, and important files. Backing-up and/or synchronizing your critical documents is an easy affair, with tasks that can be scheduled using a variety of Google Drive, Amazon S3, and SkyDrive supportautomatic options.

GoodSync for Mac offers true bi-directional file synchronization that prevents any data loss. The app can be used to synchronize data between your desktop Mac and Macbook, home and office computers, computer and removable devices (USB Key, Flash Drive, CDRW disc). This can be done over a local network or via the Internet.

Key Features include:

  • Powerful syncing capabilities.
  • Compare and analyze changes to files.
  • Can backup multiple versions of files.
  • Google Drive, Amazon S3, and SkyDrive support.

Overall, GoodSync for Mac is a powerful file synchronization app. It offers cross platform availability and currently available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The app lets you backup and sync files to any number of locations, including online storage, other computers, and even mobile devices. The only downside we can see, is that it has no compression or encryption options.

Titolo: GoodSync for Mac 10.9.4
Nome del file: goodsync-v10-mac.dmg
Dimensione del file: 27.52MB (28,860,597 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Trial commerciale
Data di inserimento: agosto 9, 2018
Autore: Siber Systems Inc
MD5 Checksum: 12EE30E75F6482697793944E8C4E34B1

Installer: Do not ask admin password twice on install from DMG, ask only once.
Explorer: Allow to remove unused unnamed job bookmarks.
Explorer: Fixed rare crashes and bugs on multiple connect sequences.
Gs2Go: Implement Auto Update: download and install new version if AutoInstall option is enabled.
Gs2Go installer: Install folder structure on destination devices, same as in Windows.
Localization improvements, copied from GS Windows.
All appropriate changes from GoodSync Windows ver 10.9.6.