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Scarica Genymotion 2.11.0

Genymotion 2.11.0

Da Genymobile  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

Genymotion is an easy-to-use Android emulator that has been designed to help app developers test their products within a safe, virtual environment.

The developers provide support for various different versions of the Android operating system that you can choose from; 2.3 to 5.0. Also, Genymotion is able to simulate the characteristics of an array of devices as well. It is worth noting that if you need to create a new virtual device you need to login to a Genymotion account beforehand.

As soon as you have signed in, you are presented with a launch screen. From here you can click 'Add' to select and download an Android machine to emulate. There is a range of various tablets and phones available, all of which cover various builds of Android operating systems. Next up, you just need to start your VM, and viola! you’ll now be able to run an emulated Android environment, in which you can test what you need to, as if it were running on an actual device.

As you would expect, the interface is easy to navigate and it is fairly intuitive. Regarding your chosen VM, Genymotion, helpfully downloads, and then deploys automatically, all the necessary configuration files that are required for each virtual device. This means that your input is marked down to a few simple mouse actions. The app also comes with an array of extra tools that are available to assist your virtual navigation. These can typically be found on the right hand side of the main window. If you need to adjust your settings, such as battery levels and and GPS, you can do so from here.

Overall, Genymotion works really well. If you have a powerful PC then you are in for a treat, as the performance is translated into a rapid, virtual Android VM experience. Ideally, the app is suited for gaming and product testing, and developers will appreciate the available plugins and tools, such as the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) etc.

*Please note: Genymotion emulations run on a VirtualBox engine, which need to be installed on your PC before running the app.

Looking for the Mac version of Genymotion? Download Here

Titolo: Genymotion 2.11.0
Nome del file: genymotion-2.11.0.exe
Dimensione del file: 45.65MB (47,869,480 byte)
Requisiti: Windows (Tutte le versioni)
Lingue: In più lingue
Licenza: Freeware
Data di inserimento: ottobre 26, 2017
Autore: Genymobile
MD5 Checksum: 99339204F871BA16B44D34E9343FC6CB

The Disk I/O feature is now available (as a widget, from Genymotion Shell and from Genymotion Java API). It allows you to emulate devices with slow internal storage.
Some more logs have been added to various components to help diagnose future issues.
A reboot of your virtual device is now proposed after having installed OpenGApps.
Command gmtool logcatdump is now available for Cloud devices.
A rare bug preventing Android from booting has been fixed.
Some issues occurring when using adb reboot have been fixed.
Command adb shell input tap has been fixed
A crash occurring on Launcher3 when changing the wallpaper has been fixed.
The black display of the EULA window on some hardware has been fixed.
The error message returned by the gmtool logzip command when the target folder doesn’t exist has been clarified.
The gmtool logzip command now also works without a license.
The gmtool --timeout switch now works with Cloud commands.
An error that could occur when sharing an app has been fixed.
The list of templates used to be empty for some Cloud users. This has been fixed.
The gmtool startdisposable command happened to return various errors in some rare conditions. This has been fixed.