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GeoOp is a complete job management tool wrapped into a low cost, easy-to-use service with premium support. It’s the perfect app for any company that has multiple team members headed in different directions throughout the day, all trying to rely on one central call station to book appointments, schedule members of the workforce, and find a way to bill clients for time when everyone is traveling to different locations.

This service is perfect for any multi-member team, but is ideally suited to service personnel, craftsmen, and tradesmen who go from job to job to job throughout the day. From home health nurses and early childhood medical therapists to plumbers and electricians, it works wherever you and your team are, and can be used on any device.

Real-time Scheduling
Simply drag and drop to assign workers or reschedule an appointment time and day. Staff can see their schedules and those of their colleagues, right from their devices.

Job Status
Your team’s jobs will update live as they progress. From travelling to the site, to beginning the work, to putting a particular job or on hold, you and all of your staff members will have complete visibility of all ongoing jobs at a glance.

GPS Tracking
Your team can manually 'check in' while a job is in progress, as determined by your company policy or the clients’ preferences, or you can automatically track them with the GPS locator. This way, you can monitor your team members’ safety and location while they concentrate on the road. Knowing where your team members are at all times keeps them safer and prevents unnecessary allegations of poor performance or faulty workmanship.

GeoOp uses a subscription pricing model, with a free trial available (no credit card required). Plans begin at $39 per month (billed annually) for 2 licences, with email support. The next level is priced at $59 per month (billed annually) for 5 licences, with email support. For $139 per month (billed annually) you receive 15 licences, with an account manager, 1 hour setup webinar, email and phone support. The next level is priced at $399 per month (billed annually) which comes with 50 licences, an account manager, a 2 hour setup webinar, and email and phone support. The top tier is priced at $1050 per month (billed annually) for 150 licences, an account manager, a 3 hour setup webinar and email and phone support.

Bottom Line

GeoOp really is job management made easy. It’s simple to manage your field staff’s job sheets, take and change appointments, manage bookings and last-minute cancellations, and support your business as a whole. With all of your client and job information centralized, it’s painless to create, assign, and schedule jobs while accurately tracking your field staff’s time and job status for oversight and billing purposes. You can even quote, invoice, and receive payments on the go, right through the app. Overall, GeoOp really does help you optimize your manpower resources!

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