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Mac Washing Machine from Intego sets out to clean and speed up your Mac, thanks to a set of handy features. This program will dispose of unwanted and duplicated files with ease, therefore optimising your efficiency and the speed of your machine.

By deep scanning your Mac the software will identify scores of opportunities to maximise your computing experience. From clearing caches no longer in use to disposing of language files for languages that you don’t even speak, it has all the angles covered.

Key features include:

  • Find the files slowing down your computer.
  • Choose types of files you want to reclaim.
  • Customise deletion criteria.
  • Clean and speed up your Mac.
  • Get rid of unwanted and duplicate files.

Intego say their program will ‘whip your desktop, dock and files into shape’, and view clutter as the enemy of efficiency. Mac Washing Machine will take all of your desktop files and place them in the appropriate folders.

You will also be able to see which apps you use the most, and the program will enable you to seamlessly drag and drop them to and from your dock.

Overall, Mac Washing Machine from Intego can boost your efficiency and optimise your machine’s capabilities. By conducting some smooth hacks and offering you some handy tools, you’ll notice the difference within a matter of clicks.

Intego Washing Machine for Mac,10.9 pour Mac
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Commercial Trial
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Wednesday, August 8th 2018


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