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Télécharger Kingsoft Writer Free 2013

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013

Par Kingsoft Software  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 is a free word processing app the has some well built, premium features that do well in matching Microsoft’s flagship offering, Word. It makes a good, free alternative to Microsoft Word, supporting all Word's file formats including .docx.

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 has an easy to use user interface, which makes it a good choice for complete beginners and has some very useful features for more advanced users. Additionally, it has many useful functions, including a built-in Word to PDF converter, automatic spell check, web layout view, etc.

Key Features include:

  • Free word processor paragraph adjustment.
  • Paragraph Adjustment Tool.
  • Multiple Document Tabs.
  • Table Adjustment.
  • Built-in Word to PDF Converter.

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 also provides a large number of table styles in order to help you insert colorful tables, and add some vibrancy to your data. All tables are easy to add and edit; you can quickly select, move tables, and add additional rows or columns, simply by clicking shortcut operations on the table.

Overall, Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 is a great alternative to Microsoft Word. It allows you to easily create visually stunning documents and the interface is easy to use and will be familiar to anyone oho has even the most rudimentary knowledge of Office applications.

Titre: Kingsoft Writer Free 2013
Nom de fichier: office_free_2013.exe
Taille de fichier: 45.41MB (47,615,280 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Logiciel gratuit
Date ajoutée: mars 15, 2017
Auteur: Kingsoft Software
Vérification MD5: F2823B49A13AE084826A05793248034E

Add UK English spell checker.
Saving documents as *.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm.
Add Restrict Editing and Restrict Formatting options under Review tab (2013 style interface) and Tools menu (Classic interface).
Support exporting PDF with background color.
Support find and replace formatting.
Support automatic adjusting page width when reading HTML file.
Support displaying table width according to the specified percentage when reading HTML file.
Add Border and Shading option under Home tab > Border (in 2013 style interface).
Add Separator and Comment options under Insert tab.
Support Ctrl+Alt+Home to display the Object Browser.