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Télécharger Audials Music Rocket 2019.0.7200.0

Audials Music Rocket 2019.0.7200.0

Par Audials AG  (Essai commercial)
Note des utilisateurs

Audials Music Rocket is a really clever way to access and save music fast, legally and for free! You can listen to thousands of radio channels, and enjoy podcasts too!

Audials Music Rocket gives you a fast option to download files directly as it comes with a video-to-audio conversion tool, so you can convert on the fly. You can manage music in MP3, WMA or AAC file format legally and free of charge.

It lets you create a playlist of songs automatically as soon as you populate the app with your favourite type of music, by identifying a 'reference song.' The Top Songs feature will then create the playlist to match your musical tastes. With an auto play mode, Audials Music Rocket will automatically play that music for you, as well.

There is also a really cool feature called 'Wish List' This allows you to monitor thousands of radio stations and music sites automatically. It doesn't matter of you are looking for singles, whole albums or entire back-tracks, Audials Music Rocket can find it and send you an alert when the station has been updated. The app can also update ID3 compatible song tags, song lyrics, and album images, before adding them to your collection.

Titre: Audials Music Rocket 2019.0.7200.0
Nom de fichier: Audials_MusicRocket-Setup.exe
Taille de fichier: 138.21MB (144,923,984 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Essai commercial
Date ajoutée: janvier 16, 2019
Auteur: Audials AG
Vérification MD5: 718D207F350A563B5F7C4ADCD8E969FC

This update improves the stability and reliability of Audials PC 2019.