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Jobber is a software platform that gives field service professionals real-time access to their customers’ information, both on desktop and mobile devices. It supports both scheduled and unscheduled workflows, along with one-off and recurring contract capabilities.

Jobber incorporates a billing system with its scheduling and routing platform to decrease the work of sending estimates or invoices to customers. Invoices can be sent automatically as soon as a job is complete, while invoices for ongoing work are distributed at regular intervals. All payment information is kept in a centralized location.

Scheduling Jobs
In-app scheduling tools lets employees keep up with their daily schedules and make changes on the fly, no matter where they are.

Invoicing Customers
With an invoicing and billing module right in the field service management platform, Jobber makes it easy to send bills to customers. There’s even a follow-up feature to stay on top of reminders for unpaid invoices.

Real-Time Routing
Jobber uses route optimization to put new jobs into the best order by location, decreasing the time that professionals waste driving to far-flung job sites. Of course, the drag-and-drop job ordering feature lets the user reschedule things based on other parameters.

Task Management
Assign tasks to your team or yourself, making sure to include deadlines and details whenever possible. If you forget to complete a certain task, Jobber will send you an automated reminder before the task is scheduled. Works with calendar synchronization.

Customizable Reports
Users target virtually any aspect of their businesses with Jobber’s customizable reports. Reports can be exported as CSV files.

Jobber integrates with a number of external business applications, including electronic payment services such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. Users can also integrate Jobber with accounting platforms from QuickBooks and Xero.

Jobber uses a subscription pricing model, with prices starting from $39 per month (billed annually). There is a also a 30 day free trial available (no credit card required). For $39 you receive mobile access, can view jobs and tasks, notes and attachments, and use the GPS directions feature. If the Pro package ($9 month extra) is chosen, you can gain access to time tracking, send invoices, collect payments, upload notes and attachments, and schedule jobs and tasks.

Bottom Line
Overall Jobber is a great platform to streamline operations for field service companies. With an intuitive mobile interface that keeps employees connected, and the ability to schedule jobs, invoice, and track clients, coupled with great time tracking tools and employee GPS tracking, Jobber makes for a truly useful solution.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
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