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Harvest is an excellent time tracking application. It is very simple to use, yet simultaneously is quite powerful. In addition to tracking time it enables you to track your expenses and keep a watchful eye on accounts. Harvest lets you track time from anywhere and at anytime, no matter what device you are using, be it a PC, Mac, mobile device, or via a desktop widget.

The built-in reporting tools can analyze your data so you don’t have to. You can also set hourly and fee-based budgets to track your project’s progress. With Harvest you can run reports on billable and non-billable time for specific staff, tasks, clients, and projects. This is really useful as it gives you a much deeper insight into your current workloads, and historical records to help improve your next project.

Harvest can fit seamlessly into your current workflow. With integration into over 80 popular apps, from project management to accounting software. It lets you track time with minimal changes to the way your team works best.

Creating a project with Harvest is easy. You complete the details for all the standard questions; client name, budget, notes etc and the tool will auto populate the information you need. You can also fill in a Project Code, which is a useful tool for larger teams and organizations. Harvest will also allow you to fill in a budget, measured in total project hours, fees, hours per task, or hours per person. Budget reports can then be share with everyone on the project (employees and contractors), or you can decide to keep them private. Upon creating a project, Harvest will ask you to then configure tasks for it.

Time Tracking
A stand out feature of Harvest is the time-tracking tool. By default, Harvest uses decimal notation for times, but converts conventional times seamlessly into this format. With Harvest you can log expenses in addition to hours. To log an expense, you simply need to choose a project and a category, and specify the amount. Usefully, you can also attach a scanned receipt and add notes.

Harvest operates a subscription pricing model and has three pricing structures on top of the free service. The first tier, Solo, starts at $12.00/month rising to $99/month for the Business tier, which includes ten users, unlimited clients, projects and invoicing. The service also has a free option, for which you can have one user, four clients and two projects for $0/month.

Bottom Line
Harvest is a serious time tracking tool in almost all respects. It has robust reporting features, built-in invoicing, expense tracking and estimates. These tools and others make it a good solution for a small business or a team within a larger enterprise.

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