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Download WinSCP 4.3.3

WinSCP 4.3.3

Von WinSCP  (Open Source)

WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.


  • Graphical user interface
  • Translated into several languages
  • Integration with Windows (drag&drop, URL, shortcut icons)
  • U3 support
  • All common operations with files
  • Support for SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2 and plain old FTP protocol
  • Batch file scripting and command-line interface
  • Directory synchronization in several semi or fully automatic ways
  • Integrated text editor
  • Support for SSH password, keyboard-interactive, public key and Kerberos (GSS) authentication
  • Integrates with Pageant (PuTTY authentication agent) for full support of public key authentication with SSH
  • Explorer and Commander interfaces
  • Optionally stores session information
  • Optionally supports portable operation using a configuration file in place of registry entries, suitable for operation from removable media
Titel: WinSCP 4.3.3
Dateiname: winscp433setup.exe
Dateigröße: 2.59MB (2,714,187 Bytes)
Anforderungen: Windows (Alle Versionen)
Sprachen: Mehrere Sprachen
Lizenz: Open Source
Datum hinzugefügt: 26 Mai 2011
Autor: WinSCP
MD5-Prüfsumme: C3CC0C0D720950DBCB0F7DE53BB04CC8

* Rolled back increase of socket internal buffer size for SSH.
* SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2011-03-04, revision 9120). It brings following changes:
- Support for “zlib@openssh.com” compression.
- Small performace improvements.
* On Windows 7 progress of operation is shown on the taskbar button.
* URLs with IPv6 address are supported.
* Removed length limit for FTP Post login commands.
* Colon in stored session name and IPv6 addresses is escaped when used for generated name of session log file.
* State of Advanced options checkbox is always remembered.
* Source of the configuration is stored into session log.
* Navigating back/forward with synchronized browsing enabled affects both panels.
* When renaming a file during transfer, only filename (without an extension) is optionally selected.
* File renaming is not started, when only focusing application.
* Session colors are used on stored session list.
* Setup will default to use the same language as the last time.
* Setup will not try to replace the drag&drop shell extension unless newer version is included. This prevents setup from requiring restart in many cases.
* Bug fix: Incorrect conversion of timestamps between local and remote systems with respect to DST on Windows 2008 R2.
* Bug fix: Failure on transfer error with SCP protocol.
* Bug fix: Invalid timezone shifting of file timestamps with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: Pageant authentication was not working on x64.
* Bug fix: Failure when reconnection fails with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: Failure when reconnecting with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: chmod command was not skipped with SCP protocol, when changing file properties but not changing permissions.
* Bug fix: Error when uploading file with specific size with FTP protocol.

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