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Scarica Zoom Player Home FREE 8.5

Zoom Player Home 8.5

Da Inmatrix  (Shareware)
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* The LAV Video decoder can now be selected as a DVD video decoder. LAV's DVD support is still experimental.
* The PowerDVD 12 video decoder is now supported for DVD decoding.
* The OPUS Audio format is now fully supported. Existing users may want to click on the 'Default' button next to the audio file extensions under: Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions
* Zoom Player now supports the Open-Source DVD Navigation filter:
* New fullscreen navigation skin-scripting parameter to set the playlist's active playing track color, when it is the selected entry.
* An LAV Video decoder option has been added to the Theora Video Smart Play profile.
* A new Theora Video sub-type has been added to the Smart Play profile.
* A new warning dialog now pops-up when trying to enable certain conflicting settings in the options dialog.
* When selecting items in the fullscreen navigation interface, for additional clarity, an icon is now used to mark the selected entry.
* The uTorrent and eMule download percentage in the fullscreen navigation interfaces has been changed to a more suitable color and is now aligned to the left of the file name.
* The mouse wheel's Increase/Decrease play rate function now works in 10% increments.
* The function list dialog's search function has been enhanced for clarity.
* Smart Play now strips the '.!ut' file extension when evaluating which source filter to use. This change should improve playback stability of incomplete media files downloaded with uTorrent.
* More Smart Play profiles now provide an 'LAV' option to use as the decoder/splitter.
* Fixed several memory leaks, especially when loading skins or expanding/contracting skin elements.
* Several bug-fixes to the FFDShow and VobSub's Subtitle rendering filter's subtitle track cycling.
* Multiple bugs fixed in the subtitle track selection dialog, including:
- Active subtitle track was not always detected.
- A 'disabled' subtitle track entry was not always present.
* When using MadVR as the video renderer, Zoom Player now exits fullscreen exclusive at the end of each track, increasing MadVR stability (no more fullscreen freezes between tracks on some systems).
* Changing the fullscreen navigation's 'navigation line count' value no longer distorts the 'Path' icon size in the following fullscreen navigation interfaces:
- Media Library.
- File Browser.
- Station Browser.
- Download Manager.
* When setting the fullscreen navigation's 'navigation line count' value to a high figure, the Equalizer and Color Control navigation interface's display became too small to read.
* When using 'automatic subtitle stream selection' with multiple 'text match' values, the last matching text was used instead of the first matching.
* The current media's Scene-Cut list would get wiped clear when switching skins or expanding/contracting skin elements.