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WinSCP  5.9.3

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Note des utilisateurs

* Translation completed: Croatian.
* Support for non-ASCII passphrases to client certificate files (.pfx/.p12 format).
* TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2j.
* Improvements to custom commands/extensions:
- New official extensions “Generate HTTP URL” and “Batch Rename”.
- The official extensions are compatible with PowerShell 2.0.
- The official extension “Find Duplicates” re-implemented using the Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles and the RemoteFileInfo.FullName.
- Site-specific extension options.
- Increased length limit for custom command and console.
- Allowing tabs in addition to spaces in extension file.
- Specific error messages about extensions are presented without irrelevant HTTP status code.
- Bug fix: Tab order on extension options dialog was broken, if the extension mixed options in and out of group box.
- Progress windows can be controlled using keyboard again.
- Scaling combo box drop down menu.
- Change: Not updating last access time of uploaded files with SFTP protocol to avoid problems with servers that do not support it.
- Bug fix: Failure when moving Download and Delete operation to background.
- Bug fix: Found folders were focusing incorrectly.
- Bug fix: Command-line toolbar command can be executed while another command was executing already.
- Bug fix: Wrong layout of Login dialog on monitors with low vertical resolution.
- Bug fix: Session instance could not be reused for multiple ScanFingerprint calls.
- Bug fix: Custom commands submenu with the other custom command type was not disabled when there was no such custom command.
- Bug fix: It was possible to load again the first extension in an extension folder.
- Bug fix: Failure when logging fails for background session or during log in.
- Bug fix: Failure when pressing Calculate button on Properties dialog, while another calculation is already in progress.

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