Télécharger MySQL 5.5.50

MySQL  5.5.50

Par MySQL AB  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

# Functionality Added or Changed
- The version of the tcmalloc library included in MySQL distributions was very old. It has been removed and is no longer included with MySQL.
# Bugs Fixed
- INSERT with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE and REPLACE on a table with a foreign key constraint defined failed with an incorrect “duplicate entry” error rather than a foreign key constraint violation error.
- Setting sort_buffer_size to a very large value could cause some operations to fail with an out-of-memory error.
- Several potential buffer overflow issues were corrected.
- If the CA certificate as given to the --ssl-ca option had an invalid path, yaSSL returned an error message different from OpenSSL. Now both return SSL connection error: SSL_CTX_set_default_verify_paths failed.
- Some string functions returned one or a combination of their parameters as their result. If one of the parameters had a non-ASCII character set, the result string had the same character set, resulting in incorrect behavior when an ASCII string was expected.
- A null pointer dereference of a parser structure could occur during stored procedure name validation.
- mysqld_multi displayed misleading error messages when it was unable to execute my_print_defaults.

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