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Descargar WinSCP 4.1.4 Beta

WinSCP 4.1.4 Beta

Por WinSCP  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

¿En qué consiste la garantía de protección de FileHippo?


Sabemos lo importante que resulta mantenerse seguro en la red, y por ello FileHippo utiliza la tecnología de escaneado de virus que Avira proporciona para asegurar que todas las descargas realizadas por medio de FileHippo son seguras. Es seguro instalar en tu dispositivo el programa que estás a punto de descargar.


* More verbose error messages are shown when operation with local file fails.
* Improved detection of Vista for workaround for bug in it preventing selection of files with keyboard. 242
* Ignoring less than 2 seconds timestamp difference when synchronizing. 249
* Improvements to setup: 240
o Improved support for installation by non-privileged users.
o User preferences set in installer are used as defaults for all users, not only the one that has installed it.
o Option to add WinSCP path to search path is not offered if installer is not run by administrator.
o Bug fix: Installed WinSCP uses by default registry to store configuration for all users, not only the one that has installed it.
* When winscp.com is forcefully terminated, winscp.exe is not left running behind anymore. 246
* Most lists can be scrolled while item is dragged, particularly stored sessions list. 241
* Whitespace is no longer required after comment line in scripting. 252
* Workarounds for OpenSSH-specific bugs are applied with Sun SSH as well. 228
* Bug fix: Drag&drop with shell extension did not work if temporary path was set in short form. 254
* Bug fix: Automatic reconnect during transfer did not work occasionally. 72
* Bug fix: Local proxy was not working at all. 244
* Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when dummy protocol command was dispatched to keep session alive, while reconnecting.
* Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when server stopped receiving data.
* Bug fix: Improved compatibility with MSVDM. Maximized main window no longer minimize into small window caption. 174
* Bug fix: Scripting command call tried to interpret command switches. 238