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Chrome 扩展程序和插件

Chrome 扩展程序让您可以为您的 Chrome 浏览器添加新功能,或修改您最喜爱的网站的功能。下载 Chrome 扩展程序,然后优化浏览体验、添加新功能,甚至修改网页。其类型包括发博、照片、生产、搜索工具、购物、体育、社交通讯等等。如此多的选择,您可以根据您的需要和个人品味找到最适合您的 Chrome 扩展程序——而在 FileHippo,您能找到海量的强大 Chrome 浏览器扩展程序。

下载 Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

GetPocket - 245KB (免费软件)
The Save to Pocket Extension for Chrome is one of the best ways to save articles, videos and other important content. Using the extension is really ea...
下载 Tampermonkey


Tampermonkey - 241KB (免费软件)
Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers such as Google Chrome. Tampermonkey makes it pretty easy to manage your u...
下载 ZenMate VPN For Chrome

ZenMate VPN For Chrome

ZenMate - 236KB (商业试用版)
ZenMate VPN is a Chrome Browser plugin, which gives you a VPN solution that will encrypt all your browser traffic and route it through ZenMate's cloud...
下载 Zenmate Web Firewall

Zenmate Web Firewall

ZenMate - 252KB (免费软件)
ZenMate Web Firewall is the security firm’s crack at a Web Firewall solution. It is able to block malware, trackers & security threats, plus free Ad...