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81. CodeBlocks Arduino IDE 20140626

Stanley Huang - 35.62MB (开放源代码)
CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a customized app for Arduino development. The app provides you with numerous features including code foldering, code com...

82. AudioCoder 0.8.28

MediaCoder - 24.34MB (免费软件)
AudioCoder (MediaCoder Audio Edition) is a useful app that provides high performance and high quality batch audio transcoding. The app is based upon M...

83. TaskUnifier 4.3.4

Benjamin Leclerc - 19.17MB (免费软件)
TaskUnifier is a task management application that enables you to create, edit and organize your tasks. You can categorize your tasks by tags, folders,...

84. Volumouse 2.03

Nir Sofer - 129KB (免费软件)
The Volumouse application gives you a quick and easy way to control the volume on your system, simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse. Vo...

85. Wuala (Nadelhorn)

Caleido AG - 25.55MB (免费软件)
Please note that the Wuala secure cloud storage service is being discontinued, therefore from 18th August 2015 you will no longer be able to purchase...

86. Aptana Studio 3.6.1

Appcelerator Inc. - 129.06MB (开放源代码)
Aptana Studio is an environment that includes extensive capabilities to build Ruby and Rails, PHP, and Python applications, along with complete HTML, ...

87. HijackThis 2.0.5 Beta

Trend Micro Inc - 380KB (免费软件)
HijackThis inspects your computers browser and operating system settings to generate a log file of the current state of your computer. HijackThis a...

88. Photo! Editor 1.1 for PC Windows

Pho.to - 7.78MB (免费软件)
Photo! Editor gives you all the image editing features of a premium package, for free. The software contains tools that will enhance your photos and ...

89. Nightingale 1.12.1

Nightingale - 14.55MB (开放源代码)
Nightingale is a free, open-source music management program that is based on the Songbird media player source code. It has a slick and user-friendly i...

90. 3DMark Vantage 1.1.3

Futuremark - 355.61MB (商业试用版)
3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. It includ...
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