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31. iTunes 12.8.0 (32-bit)

Apple Inc - 191.07MB (免费软件)
iTunes 是一个可用于 Mac 和 PC 的免费应用。它能播放你所有的数字音乐和视频。它能将内容同步到你的 iPod、iPhone 和 Apple TV。并且,它是一个 7 天 24 小时营业的超大型娱乐商店。 将你的音乐整理进播放列表 编辑文档信息 录制光盘 将文档复制到 iPod...

32. FileZilla 3.35.2

FileZilla - 7.47MB (开放源代码)
FileZilla Client 是一款快速可靠的跨平台 FTP ,FTPS 和 SFTP 客户端软件,拥有许多有用特性和直观的图形用户界面。 其中, FileZilla 包括如下特性: 使用简单 支持 FTP ,基于 SSL/TLS 的 FTP (FTPS) 和 SSH 文件传输协...

33. Safari 5.1.7

Apple Inc - 36.71MB (免费软件)
At one time, web browsers simply got you to the Internet. But from the day it was released, Safari set the bar higher for web browsers. It introduced ...

34. Thunderbird 60.0

Mozilla Organization - 30.38MB (开放源代码)
Mozilla Thunderbird makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with features such as intelligent spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, and quick sea...

35. DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink - 1.07MB (免费软件)
DVDShrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of...

36. FastStone Image Viewer 6.5

FastStone - 6.65MB (非商业免费软件)
FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable and user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. The application has a nice array of features, which in...

37. 7-Zip 18.05 (32-bit)

7-Zip.org - 1.13MB (开放源代码)
7-Zip is a file archiver utility application with a high compression ratio to help you extract compressed files and create your own compressed files i...

38. Windows Media Player 11

Microsoft Corporation - 24.56MB (免费软件)
Windows Media Player for Windows XP offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures and recorded TV. Play it, view it, and sy...

39. QuickTime Player

Apple Inc - 39.96MB (免费软件)
QuickTime Player, from Apple, allows the playback of QuickTime movie files (.mov) and lots of other file formats including, audio, still images, graph...

40. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira GmbH - 5.17MB (非商业免费软件)
Avira AntiVir 个人-免费版防病毒软件,您的最佳免费防病毒软件,实时、迅速地扫描您的计算机,查杀恶意程序病毒、木马、后门程序,恶作剧程序,如蠕虫、拨号程序等。监视每个由用户或操作系统执行的操作,一旦检测到恶意程序,迅速反应。能检测和查杀超过 150,000 种病毒 一直在计算机期刊的杀毒...
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