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Mac 可作为强大的多媒体设备使用,因此需要为其安装最新的多媒体软件,最大程度地发挥其性能。您可以在 FileHippo 找到最新的免费 Mac 视频编辑软件、音频编辑软件、转换器/MP3 播放器和编解码器包——事实上,您需要的所有 Mac 多媒体软件都可以在这里找到,而且全部免费!我们拥有 120 多种可供选择的应用程序,包括 VLC Media PlayerVirtualDJApple GarageBandApple iMovieSpotify 等等,快来了解我们的全线产品。 详细了解我们最喜欢的视频编辑软件(Mac 版)

下载 MovieCaptioner for Mac

MovieCaptioner for Mac

SynchriMedia - 18.71MB (共享软件)
MovieCaptioner for Mac lets you create captions for your movie collection. With it, you can import existing transcripts and the output file can be s...
下载 Music Cleanup for Mac

Music Cleanup for Mac

Tenorshare - 45.56MB (商业试用版)
Music Cleanup for Mac is a great tool for clearing away the clutter that inevitably comes with a large music collection. The app has been specific...
下载 Muvee 360 Video Stitcher for Mac

Muvee 360 Video Stitcher for Mac

muvee - 36.50MB (商业试用版)
Muvee 360 Video Stitcher for Mac Camera provides great tools that enable the user to stitch together and edit videos captured with Samsung's Gear 360 ...
下载 ooVoo for Mac

ooVoo for Mac

ooVoo LLC - 40KB (免费软件)
ooVoo is a great Skype alternative that allows you to connect with anyone, anytime, via video calls, video messages, phone calls, text and more. With...
下载 OpenShot Video Editor for Mac

OpenShot Video Editor for Mac

OpenShot Studios, LLC. - 123.40MB (开放源代码)
OpenShot Video Editor is a simple, yet powerful video editor designed to be easy to use, quick to learn, and surprisingly powerful. OpenShot Video Edi...
下载 Plex Home Theater For Mac

Plex Home Theater For Mac

Plex Inc. - 51.19MB (开放源代码)
Plex Home Theatre is designed to be installed on a dedicated computer (PC, Mac and Linux versions are available) connected to your TV, and allows you ...
下载 Prism Video Converter For Mac

Prism Video Converter For Mac

NCH Software - 5.25MB (商业试用版)
Prism Video Converter For Mac is an easy to use utility, which is able to convert video media from one format to another. All the standard formats a...
下载 Quickfire for Mac

Quickfire for Mac

Chas Jarrett - 4.82MB (免费软件)
Quickfire for Mac is a powerful video player that packs lots of useful tools. For instance, you can create playlists, add colour correction, draw on...
下载 QuickTime Player for Mac

QuickTime Player for Mac

Apple Inc - 10.65MB (免费软件)
QuickTime Player for Mac, allows the playback of QuickTime movie files (.mov) and lots of other file formats including, audio, still images and graphi...
下载 RealPlayer Cloud For Mac

RealPlayer Cloud For Mac

RealNetworks Inc - 22.93MB (免费软件)
RealPlayer Cloud for Mac has a beautiful looking graphical interface, coupled with drag and drop simplicity. The application comes with full support f...
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