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下载 WordPress 5.2.1 for PC Windows

WordPress 5.2.1

Matt Mullenweg  (开放源代码)

WordPress is a great application that you can use to create beautiful websites or blogs. The core software is built by loads of community volunteers, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.

WordPress is not only free, but is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a strong focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

WordPress was initially developed as a blogging platform, but over the last few years, it has changed into a full-fledged popular content management system (CMS), which is capable of hosting static and dynamic content, e-commerce, event calendars, and audio and video podcasts. This is largely due to the expansive plugin system and the massive support community. It also comes with a great set of features that are designed to make your experience as a web content publisher as easy, pleasant and enjoyable as possible. To get started with WordPress, set it up on a web host for the most flexibility or get a free account from WordPress themselves.

Overall, WordPress has a rich content editor and plugin discoverability. The learning curve is a bit steep for novice users, but WordPress has a good user interface and a massive community to rush to when you get stuck, and are unsure what to do.

标题: WordPress 5.2.1 for PC Windows
文件名: wordpress-5.2.1.zip
文件大小: 11.56MB (12,119,857 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 开放源代码
加入日期: 五月 22,2019
作者: Matt Mullenweg
MD5 校验和: 407C5ED266F0DF360896C37865E08EAB

#47180: An issue typing in the block editor while using a RTL language has been fixed.
#47186: An bug causing 32-bit systems to run out of memory when using sodium_compatwas fixed.
#47189: The “Update your plugins” link in Site Health now links to the correct page in multisite installs.
#47185: An issue in wp_delete_file_from_directory() where files were not deleting on Windows systems has been fixed.
#47205: A bug was fixed where spaces could not be added in the Classic Editor after pressing shift+enter.
#47265: 2 fatal errors on the error protection page when a PHP error was encountered in a drop-in (such as advanced-cache.php) were fixed.
#47244: wp_targeted_link_rel() has been improved to prevent instances where single and double quotation marks were incorrectly staggered.
#47169: PHP/MySQL minimum version requirement checks now return proper error codes when requirements are not met in test environments.
#47177: The backwards compatibility of get_search_form() was improved.
#47297: The accuracy of the HTTP requests test in Site Health was improved.
#47229: TinyMCE has been updated to version 4.9.4.
#47323: Prevents a fatal error that occurs when upgrading to 5.2.1 from WordPress < 5.2.
#47304: Fixes a regression that can affect the accuracy of <lastBuildDate> in feeds.
#47312: Changes the string used on the About page for 5.2.1 to one that is already translated.