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Jongde Software LLC  (商业试用版)

Mockplus is a prototyping design tool for faster, smarter and easier prototypes that supports all platforms (Android/iOS/PC/Mac/Web)

Interactive Design Is Easier Than Ever:The interactive design in Mockplus is fully visualized, that's WYSIWYG. With a simple drag-and-drop to build interactive prototypes effortlessly. A set of ready-made components make you create fully interactions faster and easier. 

Prototype Like a Pro with Extensive Ready-Made Components: Mockplus includes more than 3000 icons and nearly 200 components. Just drag these components into the workspace for a combination to prototype your app ideas in just few minutes. Focus on design itself and no more efforts will be spent on making a component.

Test on Real Device Instantly: Scan QR code to preview prototypes on real device instantly, no USB cable or remote publishing required. Share your prototype with ease by exporting to HTML. Meanwhile, not only can you export to HTML offline, but also deploy it to your server. Publishing to cloud makes it fast and easy to preview prototype on mobile device.

Real-Time Team Collaboration and Online Review: Multiple users can work on the same project seamlessly, with just one click to sync the project to cloud. The 7 markup ways to make online reviews faster and smarter. 


  • Table, customize a cell or make style/format settings of cell(s) like using the Excel, supporting the copy-and-paste from/to Excel.
  • Auto Data Fill, single or batch fill of images/texts to save time creating repeating elements.
  • MindMap Design Mode, lay out the pages and then export as an image for better demonstration.
  • UI Flow, see the page content and connections of each page, with important markups displayed.
  • Repeater, convert any components into a repeater and adjust the size by simple drag-and-drop.
  • Page Templates, import kinds of sample projects/templates to get design started.
  • Sketch Integration, import Sketch file and publish as a team project.

标题: Mockplus
文件名: Mockplus_Setup_v3.5.1.0.exe
文件大小: 86.27MB (90,458,024 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 商业试用版
加入日期: 五月 16,2019
作者: Jongde Software LLC
MD5 校验和: 460FCFA5340D93517539044FAA35255E

NEW features:
- Support replacing the LOCAL FILE of a collaboration project WITH its Cloud version.
- Support importing images IN JPEG format FOR Image Carousel component.
Bug fixes:
- FIXED the issue that an Input component cannot be selected AND entered WHEN a Popup Panel pops OUT IN the previewing mode.
- Optimized the positional strategy WHILE copying AND pasting a component.
- Optimized the UPGRADE PROCESS WHEN a Team OR Enterprise account has expired.