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下载 dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.0.19 Powerful Microsoft SQL add-in for PC Windows

dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.0.19

Devart  (免费软件)

dbForge Search for SQL Server is a powerful Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio add-in, which lets you search SQL objects and data in your databases.

It can be very hard to locate a required table or to remember names of your stored routines, when a database contains lots of objects. In case you need to navigate to a specific object, you no longer need to browse through the entire database looking for what you need. Instead, with dbForge Search for SQL Server, you don’t need to look through the entire SSMS Object Explorer to find a required object.

Key Features include:

  • Check Reference Search: You can search a database object by name, and it will find all the stored routines involving this object. This feature allows to quickly locate an object rather than browsing through a list of objects in the Object Explorer.
  • Custom Search: You can customize your search by configuring search criteria: object type, database, and connection. The search filter allows to quickly find only the specific object you need.
  • Multiple Search: You can quickly search numerous object types across multiple databases simultaneously. This option lets you perform a simultaneous search in such database object types as functions, triggers, columns, etc.
  • Wildcard Search: You can use wildcards to substitute for any characters in a search string. With wildcards, you can match zero or more characters, a set of characters included or absent in an object name being searched, etc.
  • SQL Fragment Search: Using dbForge Search for SQL Server, you can find a specified SQL code fragment in functions, tables, views, stored procedures, and triggers. For instance, searching for a ‘select’ command will return examples of code fragments containing the command.
  • Quick Navigation: Quickly locate the found object in Object Explorer.
  • Data Search: dbForge Search includes the data search mode allowing to locate the table and view data corresponding to the search string.

Overall, dbForge Search for SQL Server lets you search for what you need, easily and quickly. The interface is well designed and can be navigated without any further training/ skills.

Requirements:Microsoft Windows 8.1, 8, or 7. and .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher.

标题: dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.0.19 Powerful Microsoft SQL add-in for PC Windows
文件名: objectsearchsql20std.exe
文件大小: 15.47MB (16,217,631 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 免费软件
加入日期: 十月 26,2016
作者: Devart
MD5 校验和: F51EF0DC13BF2E6BE158F01219BACEE5

Object search is improved.
Data search is added.
Search performance increased.
SQL Server 2016 is supported.
Product now integrates into SSMS 2016.
Product has been renamed from 'dbForge Object Search for SQL Server' to 'dbForge Search for SQL Server'.