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Backup Software

ダウンロードする iPhone Backup Extractor

iPhone Backup Extractor

Reincubate - 22.05MB (トライアル版)
iPhone Backup Extractor is a simple app that extracts files from an iTunes or iCloud backup for iOS devices, whether that is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod ...
ダウンロードする Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect

Paramount Software UK Ltd - 3.58MB (ノンコマーシャル・フリーウェア)
A complete disaster recovery solution for your home and office. Protect your personal documents, photos, music and emails. Upgrade your hard disk or t...
ダウンロードする Nero BackItUp

Nero BackItUp

Nero AG - 2.99MB (無料)
Nero BackItUp is a cloud storage solution and a component of many Nero suites and applications. It's also available as a standalone product that is pa...
ダウンロードする Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost

Symantec - 119.68MB (トライアル版)
Norton Ghost is a tool for creating backups of your entire hard-drive that can be recovered any time, for example in the case of moving to a new syste...
ダウンロードする O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition

O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition

O&O Software - 768KB (トライアル版)
O&O AutoBackup Professional Edition is a handy app that is able to backup your files automatically and keep them fully in sync. You can backup your...
ダウンロードする O&O DiskImage Express

O&O DiskImage Express

O&O Software - 11.81MB (フリーウェア)
O&O DiskImage Express is a powerful application that enables you to image your entire computer and restore single drives. O&O DiskImage Expre...
ダウンロードする O&O DiskImage Professional

O&O DiskImage Professional

O&O Software - 45.59MB (トライアル版)
O&O DiskImage Professional is an easy way to undertake scheduled auto backups and create manual backups when required. Thanks to the application's...
ダウンロードする O&O DiskRecovery

O&O DiskRecovery

O&O Software - 12.36MB (トライアル版)
O&O DiskRecovery lets you recover files on storage volumes with damaged or deleted files structures. If your files have been deleted accidentally, by ...
ダウンロードする Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Software Group - 86.62MB (ノンコマーシャル・フリーウェア)
Paragon Backup & Recovery generates a backup of your data including operating system, application and personal files. The backup target can be another...
ダウンロードする PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery

Convar - 5.83MB (フリーウェア)
PC INSPECTOR File Recovery is a data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems. Here are some of the new features in PC I...
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