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Cisdem WindowManager for Mac is a window manager that lets you move, resize, and arrange windows* in a similar manner that you can use on a Windows PC.

Cisdem WindowManager for Mac lets you split your Mac screen into various sizes and positions. Simply drag windows to the edges or corners of your screen, or use the grid system to select the area which you wan the windows to cover.

Key Features include:

  • Easy To Use: Intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with OS X.
  • 3 Way Screen Split: Split screen by mouse, grid and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Managing Window Edges: Easily set the edges and borders, can also choose to ignore edges and borders.
  • Menu Bar Access: Choose to show or hide the app's icon on the menu bar.
  • Global Shortcuts: Access WindowManager from anywhere using a configurable global hotkey.
  • Restore Size: Restore old window size if the window is dragged away.
  • Edges Support: Support 7 preset size/location options for easy window snap.
  • Grid system: Support to resize your windows with the grid system.
  • Grid Size: You can easily set to customizable grid size (from 1x1 up to 10x10).
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Support to set unlimited user-customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Safe To Use: Managing Windows without slowing down your computer.

Cisdem WindowManager for Mac comes with 7 pre-defined dragging actions. When you drag a window to the edge of the screen the window will auto-resize to fill a specific area. Depending on where you drag a window, you can make it expand vertically, take up the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window. You can also quickly divide your screen into exact portions, just click and drag within the display grid interface to select the area that you’d like your window to occupy and your windows will then be resized and moved to that relative position.

Overall, Cisdem WindowManager for Mac is a neat little utility that has an intuitive interface which can be customized to suit your individual workflow. WindowManager for Mac is stable and performs well. It has a small footprint and uses little memory and hardly any CPU.

*WindowManager for Mac works with almost every app, only some software with non-standard windows can't be supported.

Cisdem WindowManager for Mac,1.4 per Mac
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Thursday, January 7th 2016


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