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Sisense is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that uses stunning data visualisations. It was developed to be accessible for users of all levels of expertise, even novice users with no prior experience with BI software. The platform can be used by companies of all levels and sizes and because it doesn’t require a long implementation period or extensive training, businesses can begin using it almost immediately.


Sisense’s stand-alone applications provide users with the tools they need to manage and support business data using visuals and reporting. It offers data and text mining with interactive analytics tools. Sisense uses ElastiCube as their analytics database, which makes use of In-Chip technology. This enables a single server coupled with minimal hardware to handle big data.

Integrated within the suite, Sisense includes functionality for dashboards and scorecards; data warehousing; extract, transform and load (ETL); and a query and report writer. The entire suite is managed via a single interface that has been designed with the end-user in mind.

Data Visualizations
A key feature of Sisense is the ultra detailed data visualizations that give you a clear and unrestricted view of your data. Sisense’s data visualization toolset, provides you with the ability to generate dynamic visuals and interactive business intelligence reports. You can create stunning graphical representations of your data in the form of charts and from these, you can produce whatever reports you need. You have the option to adjust queries by clicking on any section of a chart or graph, and then drill down to view underlying data. Sisense can also format the data correctly, ensuring it is primed for whichever visualization type you choose.

With Sisense, users can design interactive dashboards using widgets. You can customize the dashboard that best suits your needs by using different visualization types. You can choose from geographical maps, gauges to measure KPIs, line charts, scatter plots, and pie charts. Because Sisense makes good use of drag and drop functionality, you can simply choose what you need and place it into the dashboard on the page location where you need it. An individual dashboard has the ability to hold numerous widgets and filters, which can be added or removed as required.

Sisense has great support for third part data sets to be integrated into its Dashboard. Usefully, it has built-in connectors that allow it to join present and future data. Sisense connectors support file types such as MS Excel, CSV, and MS Access. It also supports applications such as Amazon Redshift, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, and Salesforce, Quickbase and Zendesk.

Sisense’s pricing model is based upon a users individual requirements. Key factors include the number of concurrent required users and the volumes of data being processed. Sisense provide a free trial (No Credit Card required). For further information please contact Sisense directly.

Bottom Line
Sisense provides a solid platform for Data analysis for both data professionals and nontechnical staff. It has a fresh and clean user interface, customizable dashboards, and outstanding data visualisation tools that provide users with a better way to view data from multiple areas within a single environment. Sisense also has a really quick implementation time, with no lengthy customizations required before users can begin using it.

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