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Mhelpdesk is an robust field service solution, which lets service teams work more productively by tracking orders with greater efficiency and issuing invoices on the fly, whilst avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

The key features of Mhelpdesk include an intuitive home screen, which helps users get started immediately. There is also seamless integration with Google Maps for monitoring the geographical location of on-field technicians, and a status tracking screen keeps users updated in real time regarding tasks and their progress.

Job Tracking
A great feature of mHelpdesk is the job tracking tool. Once a job is submitted and approved, it then is transformed into a job item that has a tracking number. With this information, administrators are able to overview all job statuses with live updates from field agents whilst they are in the field via their mobile devices.

Receiving real time data alerts from technicians decreases communication costs as there is no longer any need for technicians to call back to the office. Being able to track jobs in this way also helps achieve better time management and job planning.

Mhelpdesk’s billing and invoicing features reduce the time taken to record and issue invoices to customers. Users can pre-fill invoices with a customer's data before a technician reaches their location.

Invoices can also be customized to include company logos, giving them a more professional look. Customers are able to populate any missing information on the invoice directly on the agent's mobile device. Mhelpdesk also supports virtual signatures along with instant payments.

Mhelpdesk has an API, which may be used to integrate the app with various software tools that company uses. Supported integrations include Google Calendar, which administrators may utilize in order to schedule jobs and tasks for field agents. Google Maps is also supported, which can be used to geographically locate customers and agents. Mhelpdesk also supports Quickbooks for accounting services.

mHelpDesk uses an Open-source, subscription pricing model that starts from $30.00 per month for the starter plan. This allows users to manage unlimited number of customers, 25 jobs per month, 25 invoices per month, 1 administrator, with $30 for each additional user. There is a 14 day free trial available (no credit card required).If your business has more advanced needs, then there is the Business plan that is priced at $149 per month and can accommodate up to 5 administrators and charges $20 for each new user. Finally, the Enterprise plan is based on the specific needs and requirements and pricing is customized accordingly.

Bottom Line
Mhelpdesk can modernize the way field service teams work and interact with customers. This is achieved via better customer request handling and job management. It allows companies to process and address customer requests quickly. This in turn, increases revenue and provides a solid basis for further business development. Mhelpdesk is ideally suited towards SMBs, which offer any kind of field services, such as IT services, or cleaning and janitorial solutions. With shortened billing cycles, greater efficiency and superior time management tools, it is a great solution for freelancers who want to stay within strict timelines and schedules.

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