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Windows Office Software

Télécharger ToDoList


Abstract Spoon Software - 2.52MB (Logiciel gratuit)
ToDoList is a jack-of-all-trades organizer software that goes far beyond managing shopping lists. The tool allows to create short and precise task lis...
Télécharger Total CSV Converter

Total CSV Converter

CoolUtils - 14.34MB (Essai commercial)
Total CSV Converter is a lightweight utility that can convert CSV and TSV files into .DOC, .PDF, .HTML, .TXT, .XLS, .XLSX, .DBF, .XML, .JSON and a n...
Télécharger Total Doc Converter

Total Doc Converter

CoolUtils - 20.41MB (Essai commercial)
Total Doc Converter is a useful conversion app that is able to convert documents singularly or in batch. The app features a familiar, standard ...
Télécharger Total Excel Converter

Total Excel Converter

CoolUtils - 20.16MB (Essai commercial)
If you work with Excel, then an app like Total Excel Converter is a really useful tool to have in your kit. Total Excel Converter is able to convert...
Télécharger Total HTML Converter

Total HTML Converter

CoolUtils - 45.57MB (Essai commercial)
Total HTML Converter is a useful little app that can batch convert HTML files to DOC, PDF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, XLS, RTF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ODT, EMF, or...
Télécharger Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter

CoolUtils - 44.22MB (Essai commercial)
Total PDF Converter is a highly functional app that is able to convert PDF to DOC, RTF, XLS, HTML, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, PNG, EPS, PS, TIFF, TXT...
Télécharger Total XML Converter

Total XML Converter

CoolUtils - 25.49MB (Essai commercial)
Total XML Converter is a comprehensive solution that allows you to quickly convert files from XML to multiple output formats. The software supports ...
Télécharger Ultimate Dictionary

Ultimate Dictionary

Creative Side - 158.61MB (Logiciel gratuit)
Ultimate Dictionary is a complete collection of dictionaries held in a comprehensive application for your Windows desktop. It includes a huge collecti...
Télécharger UniPDF Converter

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF - 4.97MB (Logiciel gratuit)
UniPDF Converter is a relatively lightweight application that can perform accurate conversions from PDF files to word documents (doc/rtf), images (jpg...
Télécharger Visio Professional 2013

Visio Professional 2013

Microsoft - 463.94MB (Essai commercial)
Visio Professional 2013, from Microsoft, is used to create and share professional, versatile diagrams that simplify complex information. It includes a...