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In-Mobility is a great tool for your business: make orders and invoices, manage your daily appointments, and mail your generated documents directly from the app!

In-Mobility gives you everything to go on day by day with your business activities. It provides a clean and clear dashboard with all you need to raise sales and streamline daily workloads.

Key Features include:

  • Complete contacts, client, and potential-client manager.
  • Agenda with daily reminders.
  • Activities manager for tasks, appointments, phone calls.
  • Billings manager for quotes, orders, invoice, and credit memos.
  • Syncs on every device.
  • SSL-secured.
  • In-Mobility comes with various features to help you run your day-to—day operations, such as complete contacts, client and potential client manager, agenda with daily reminders, activities manager for tasks, appointments, phone calls, billings manager for quotes, orders, invoice and credit memos. There is also a provider list, and the app syncs on every device, and is SSL secured as well.

    In-Mobility comes in three flavours, Free, Premium, and Gold. This is the free version of the app. For more information please see the developers’ website.

    In-Mobility CRM,3.5.6 pour Mac
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    Thursday, November 3rd 2016


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