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Par EasyMorph  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

EasyMorph is a data manipulation tool that helps transform and analyze data quickly in a visual way. You can design data transformations with EasyMorph faster, compared to writing scripts in manual scripting languages.

Key Features include:

  • Command line mode Run EasyMorph projects from the command line. Integrate EasyMorph with enterprise ETL tools and other applications.
  • Auto documentation EasyMorph automatically generates a readable formatted description of all transformation logic in plain English.
  • Import and Export EasyMorph lets you merge data from various sources. Export transformation results, if needed. The current list of supported data sources includes Native DB access, Oracle, SQL Server,MySQL and SQLite.
  • 30+ transformations You don't have to have programming or SQL skills as EasyMorph offers 30+ built-in transformations which allow designing a transformation logic of almost any complexity.

EasyMorph allows you to transform data visually, unlike SQL, Visual Basic, Python, SAS, or Qlik. It does this by applying filter or join operations to data, step by step. EasyMorph stores all intermediate calculation results, so at any moment you can click any transformation step and instantly see the result.

EasyMorph has an intuitive interface that can easily be navigated by users of all levels of expertise. Just the same as in spreadsheets, text and numbers can be mixed in the same column. Simultaneously EasyMorph operates like a database, where tables can be filtered, merged (joined) and aggregated correctly even if table size changes. These features allow for robust, transparent and error-proof spreadsheet data processing with zero chance of errors.

Overall, designing data transformations with EasyMorph is a great tool to use as it's much faster and easier, compared to writing scripts and macros.

Titre: EasyMorph
Nom de fichier: EasyMorph.Setup.zip
Taille de fichier: 20.60MB (21,598,196 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Logiciel gratuit
Date ajoutée: mars 9, 2018
Auteur: EasyMorph
Vérification MD5: 7301C6E0D240D1ADC3B438E74A51EA98

Breaking changes:
Evaluation of expressions without field references on empty tables.
Missing column leads to failure even on empty datasets.
Weekday in Calendar now starts from 1.
Disabled 2-input transformation now doesn’t wait for the other table.
New transformations:
The Filter by type.
The Qlik Sense Command.
The EasyMorph Server Command.
New connectors:
The Qlik Sense Connector is used in the “Qlik Sense Command” transformation.
The EasyMorph Server Connector is used in the “EasyMorph Server Command” as well as for publishing projects to EasyMorph Server.
Multiple file loading from the Start screen:
Now you can choose on the Start screen whether you want to load only one file, or load and automatically append multiple uniform files.
The “Split delimited text into rows” now supports the line break separator.
When selecting a connector in transformation properties, if only one connector of necessary type is available it is now selected automatically.
Annotations for connectors are now shown in the transformation properties under the connector name.
The parameterized text editor used in transformations such “Run Program” or “PowerShell” now has a button for easy insertion of path to an arbitrary file/folder.

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