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Télécharger BBEdit 12.6.2

BBEdit 12.6.2

Par Bare Bones Software, Inc.  (Démo commerciale)
Note des utilisateurs

BBEdit is one of the best known text editing applications for the Mac. It's essentially a premium version of TextWrangler; it shares many of the same features, but offers some additional upgrades for a fee. Both applications are published by Bare Bones.

Like TextWrangler, BBEdit is versatile enough to support novice coders and experienced programmers, and it's a great application to have installed - just in case. With multiple clipboards, multiple undos and configurable shortcuts, BBEdit yields impressive results and aids very efficient coding.

Compared to TextWrangler, BBEdit is better for producing standards-compliant code, since it can validate HTML 4.01 through version 5, and XTHTML 1.0 and 1.1. It also adds a convenient Scratchpad for note taking, making it easy to jot down snippets of code, and also offers user defined clippings.

Other benefits include:

  • Built in support for Subversion and Perforce.
  • Integration with Apple Automator.
  • Batch processing of text transformations across multiple files.
  • Support for Exuberant Ctags for source code navigation.
  • A very reasonable price tag of $49.95.

If you already use TextWrangler, BBEdit is a logical upgrade with a number of additional bonus features that make it well worth your cash.

Titre: BBEdit 12.6.2
Nom de fichier: BBEdit_12.6.2.dmg
Taille de fichier: 13.81MB (14,485,467 Octets)
Exigences: Windows (Toutes les versions)
Langues: Langues Multiples
Licence: Démo commerciale
Date ajoutée: mars 22, 2019
Auteur: Bare Bones Software, Inc.
Vérification MD5: 231DA4C39AEAD839D4E9B37A07567114

Made a change to the EditorConfig internals to improve performance during large-scale batch operations, such as multi-file search.

Made a change to improve the performance of the filename-to-extension language mapper during large-scale batch operations (such as multi-file search).

Made a change to reduce overhead when guessing a file's text encoding during large-scale batch operations such as multi-file search.

Made a change to resolve confusion caused by an OS behavior, which left the default location for the Save panel pointing at the top level of the startup disk after granting sandbox access. This in turn left the panel pointing there by default when saving a new document.

Fixed a bug in which the sidebar width was not correctly restored in windows which were in full screen mode when the application was quit.

Change the “file filter” and “folder filter” syntax in the scripting terminology to “file_filter” and “folder_filter”, respectively, so that recorded scripts actually compile.

Made a change to fix a probable crash which would occur when doing a batch site update while one or more files from the site were open for editing.

Renamed the “BBAuthOperationsXPCService” helper to “BBEditPrivilegedOperationsHelper”, so that it's less scary for the unwary.

Fixed bug in which Add/Remove Line Numbers took much longer than it should have in cases where it took long enough for a progress dialog to be necessary; and corrected the titles in the Add/Remove Line Numbers progress dialog.

Fixed bug in which the sidebar width was not restored correctly when restoring application state at startup, when the "Automatically show" sidebar setting was "Always".

Worked around an OS misbehavior in which temporary files written out for running #! scripts from within the application (when the document you want to run has unsaved changes) were quarantined, and so attempts to run them using the shell would fail.

Adjusted the default width of the sidebar so that it's not quite so wide.

Fixed bug in which JavaScript function generators would confuse the function scanner.

The "Deploy Site" command for projects will now skip over Google site verification files when preprocessing (based on whether the file has "google-site-verification:" at the very start).

Fixed a bug in generation for #include and #bbinclude in which an absolute path was always generated for files within the site's specified "templates and includes" directory.

In cases where a site project's "Templates and Includes" folder is inside the project's "Local Site Root" folder, the contents of the templates folder will no longer be preprocessed nor uploaded when deploying.

Fixed a bug in which opening the Functions palette with keyboard focus in the Live Search box would result in the palette being devoid of items.

Fixed regression in which touching a file's modification date outside of the application did not cause its displayed modification date to update in the editing view status bar.

Fixed a bug in which printing always ignored the time stamp setting, and used the printing date in the page header.

When using "Run in Terminal" or "Run in Debugger" for a file with a #! line, BBEdit will no longer attempt to guess which tool should be used to run the file, and will simply ask the shell to run it. That way, custom #! lines (e.g. for custom Python installations) will work as expected.

Added a few CSS selector names to the built-in keyword list.