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Ever wondered the easiest way to deploy system image to multiple computers at the same time rather than restore system image to single computer one by one? For instance, 30 computers need to be installed with system; including software, patches, drivers, and so forth. It will take you a lot of time and resources. Now, AOMEI offers you with a simple solution that deploys system image to dozens of computers simultaneously.

AOMEI Image Deploy is a free image deployment and network cloning too, which supports deploying/restoring an image to multiple computers over network. It not only offers a free solution to deploy your system image to multiple computers within LAN, but also help you to save time and resources by provisioning hundreds of PCs and Servers simultaneously.

Key Features include:

  • Real-time process monitor: Server will display clients IP address and restoring status in list. The process of restoring is displayed in percentage. Server will receive the prompt whether restore is successful or not, and it can manage all clients in remote.
  • Free image deployment software: Freely offers an image deploy solution that enables you to deploy image to multiple computers.
  • Easy to use image deployment and network cloning software: AOMEI Image Deploy is a very convenient and easy-to-use tool, which comes with a built-in wizard to help you. Simply follow the step by step to finish the deploy process to client computers within same LAN.
  • Batch preset client computers name and IP address: Automatically distributes different computer names and IP addresses for Client computers, and makes sure they can be connected to the network normally after installing the OS.
  • Dissimilar hardware support: AOMEI Universal Restore technique supports deploying a system image to multiple client computers even with different hardware.

Please note: the image file should be a system image or a disk image created by AOMEI Backupper. The server-side computer need to install AOMEI Image Deploy. If a PC has installed AOMEI Image Deploy, it can be set as a server-side computer. Set the network boot as the first boot device in BIOS for all client computers before image deployment.

AOMEI Image Deploy,1.0 pour Windows
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