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RingCentral is a cloud phone system that can securely deliver high quality voice, fax, text and conferencing for your business; no matter what the company’s size, budget, location or devices used by your employees. With RingCentral you connect IP desk phones and PCs to your Internet connection and then install the RingCentral Mobile App on your employees’ smartphones. It is these endpoints which communicate with the RingCentral cloud platform to enable a seamless communications system across all your office locations.

RingCentral’s cloud communications solution is so much easier to manage, not to mention far more flexible than standard legacy, on-premise PBX phone systems. No matter what the nature of your business, RingCentral can help you stay connected across multiple locations, with desk phones, smartphones/tablets, and soft phones.

Moving to RingCentral’s cloud phone system from your current system is a fast and straightforward procedure; a RingCentral implementation specialist will manage the transition for you, so all your office locations and remote working employees will be taken care of. The logistics of transferring your existing phone numbers, ordering new lines, or choosing from local, toll-free, and vanity numbers can be undertaken by your account representative, thereby leaving you to get on with the most important thing; your business.

Flexibility RingCentral provides you with a flexible communications platform, which can adapt to the needs of your business. RingCentral’s systems are a robust solution that can easily be scaled as your business grows and expands. You can set up, manage and access your communications from anywhere you choose by using any smart device or via the web. RingCentral utilises a unique click/tap interface that is easy to operate and thereby will reduce IT workloads, and increase your productivity levels. RingCentral’s Intelligent collaboration will give your employees the power to share files, manage projects, and collaborate across your business more productively than ever before.

Call Management RingCentral’s business phone system is fully customizable to suit your needs. When customers contact your business, you want them to experience a professional and personalised service. The advanced call management features of RingCentral’s cloud phone system means that your team will provide a clear and consistent service across the board. When you first log in, an online wizard walks you through the setup of your users and basic phone system settings. You can then move on to set up services such as Call answering rules, Call forwarding, Call logs, and Message alerts. There are also really useful features such as Missed-call notifications and Automatic call recording.

Integrations and Mobility RingCentral provides you with an integrated voice, fax and text service. The cloud-based office phone system lets you work when you need to. Because nearly all management features are available on RingCentral Mobile Apps for iOS® and Android™ you are never tied down. RingCentral allows for seamless integration with other cloud business apps you rely on day to day, including Microsoft Outlook®, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. It also integrates really well with services from Oracle® Sales Cloud, Salesforce®, Zendesk® and Office 365™. These integrations and supported services means you will stay connected and remain productive.

Pricing RingCentral operates a subscription pricing model and services start from $19.99/month, with a Free Trial (No Credit Card required) to let you feel comfortable trying out their services. RingCentral Office™ services start from $19.99 per user and RingCentral Professional™ is charged from $9.99 per user.

Bottom Line RingCentral is a key solution for Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Non Profits, Public Administrations, and Small Businesses alike. The communication services are provided at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware, and because it supports devices from across all major platforms including iOS®, Android™ Windows Phone, and Mac OS/WindowsOS, combined with a seamless integration with other cloud business apps, RingCentral is a complete cloud phone solution that covers all the bases.

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