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Apowersoft LightMV is a free, intuitive online app for creating high quality videos from your computer, tablet or mobile device. It makes video editing simple, so you can quickly create stunning videos from your photos or video clips.

Apowersoft LightMV aims to help users without any training or experience to create professional videos. This means it's incredibly easy to create and edit high quality videos with the online application on your web browser, using any device.

Create High Quality Videos
Apowersoft LightMV provides professionally designed, regularly updated templates to give your videos a high-quality style. It also supports unlimited HD creation technology to make your video look good even on larger screens.

Easy Editing
With Apowersoft LightMV, you don't need any advanced design or editing skills to make high quality videos. Simply select a template and import your photos or video clips, then Apowersoft LightMV simplifies and automates the video creation process for you. You can even add and edit opening and closing title slides, or simply reorder your clips by dragging them into place. It's also easy to export and share your finished videos with friends, family, and anyone else in just one click.

Apowersoft LightMV is free to use, with no trial period or paid for version.

Bottom Line
Apowersoft LightMV is a simply stylish video creation tool suitable for all users to create professional HD videos from your photos or video clips.

In comparison to similar software, Apowersoft LightMV is great for beginners, though lacks advanced features. It is a cloud-based app that requires no download or installation time, which makes it great for quickly creating videos from any device. Exporting videos can take a long time, particularly depending on the video length, but Apowersoft LightMV allows users to enter their email address to be notified when it's complete, without the need to wait.

If you're looking for a more advanced free video editing tool, check out our review of Shotcut.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000


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