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Od Shareaza Development Team  (Open Source)
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Network support:

(New) - Added support for eD2k-client library browsing
(N) - Support for partial downloads and file priorization on BT
(N) - Added user searching for (sources of) the file by hashes of the file in all networks.
(Update) - eD2k Default Servers Update
(U) - Extended eD2k chatting support
(U) - Extended GGEP support (G1)
(U) - Extended support for G1 query hit packets (r7523,r7525, etc.)
(U) - Redesigned BitTorrent seeding
(U) - Redesigned BitTorrent tracker handling code
(U) - Updates to the GWC support
(Fix) - Fixed eD2k-server flags (large file support)

Internal and functional changes:

(N) - Added redesigned new filesystem
(N) - Added deletion to RecycleBin
(N) - Added new VirusTotal plugin to check a file hash against the hashes of known virus files
(N) - Added RazaWebHook.dll ("Download with Shareaza" in IE context menu)
(N) - Added "shareaza://url:" pluggable protocol prefix to handle any URL by Shareaza
(N) - Added some file/folder sharing restrictions for known security relevant files (e.g. Windows Mail folder, Opera password manager (Wand), etc. )
(N) - Added support for .exe plugins.
(N) - Added support for very long file names on some places (library)
(N) - Disabling the G2 network permanently is now possible (not recommanded!)
(N) - Implemented [Ctrl]+[Home] and [Ctrl]+[End] for highlighted entries in downloads window (moves entry to top/end of list)
(N) - Implemented application auto-restart on crash under Windows Vista
(N) - Implemented BugTrap (easy way to generate crash reports and report crashes)
(N) - Media player plugin has been rewritten
(U) - Optimised library dictionary building and searching. Building speedup: ~120% Debug, ~300% Release. Searching speedup: ~100% Debug & Release. (What in genearaly simplified translation means that accessing the library database has been made much faster >> better performance and less CPU usage)
(U) - Optimized plugin loading and added descriptions and icons
(U) - Optimizations to Library loading (~10% faster now)
(U) - Updated GeoIP
(U) - Updates to the TorrentWizzard toolkit
(F) - Fixed Search Scrollbar Bug
(F) - Fixed "required resource unavailable" bug on Windows2000

Graphical / GUI changes:

(N) - Added autocomplete for search boxes
(N) - Added G1 ultrapeer/leaf counter to Home window
(N) - Added Windows shell menu item to Library tree and Library organizer view
(N) - Made all message boxes skinnable
(N) - added Security Filters item to home window
(N) - added toolbar to security filters window
(U) - Redesigned download group properties dialog
(U) - Updated lots of icons and graphical elements
(U) - Extended and fixed Skin support
(F) - Fixed icon and string loading errors
(F) - Fixed fonts and text sizes at a dozen of places
(F) - Fixed windows flickering on resize/refresh

Updated languages:

(U) - Albanian (Besmir Godole)
(U) - Arabic (awadh)
(U) - Catalan
(U) - Dutch (RoestVrijStaal)
(U) - German (OldDeath)
(U) - Greek (idealsharer)
(U) - Hungarian (Yuri)
(U) - Italian
(U) - Norwegian (Glan)
(U) - Russian (Ryo-oh-ki)
(U) - Spanish

Czym jest gwarancja bezpieczeństwa FileHippo?


Wiemy, jak ważne jest bezpieczeństwo w sieci i dlatego w FileHippo korzystamy z technologii wykrywania wirusów opracowanej przez firmę Avira, dzięki której gwarantujemy, że wszystkie pliki pobierane na FileHippo są bezpieczne. Program, który zamierzasz pobrać, możesz bez obaw zainstalować na swoim urządzeniu.